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I have a question about adding medium while I'm painting....

I've noticed, in videos, that painters sometimes dip their brush into some kind of liquid then go for their color.  My paints are in jars with the slow dry medium already mixed in.  If I wanted to thin the paint, can I use more slow dry medium?  Or should I use linseed oil or ?  I didn't see this mentioned in Mark's videos. 

I watched a 3 hour video of, forget his name, an artist painting John Singer Sargent's Lady Agnew, and he often added something to his paint to make it more of a wash.  Or maybe I misunderstood.  I'm so new to all or this! 



  • JenniferTaylor

    Yes. Any of the drying oils can be used to dilute the premixed paint. Slow dry medium is fine. Linseed or walnut are good.
    Similarly, the same oils can be used for glazing, where only a little transparent pigment is used to adjust or correct a value. If you intend to use multiple glaze coats a fast drying medium like Liquin (modified soy oil) will speed the process.

  • Hey it’s a great Sargent video you watched, there is another Sargent video by the same guy.

    in all honesty I would like the answer to roughly the same question 
  • Is it possible..

    I had a tough time mixing slow dry medium following  Marks recipe. The different viscosities of the ingredients made measuring difficult to do accurately. Stand oil and Venice terpentine specifically. Is there an easier way to measure and mix it up. An please, what is a reasonable “batch” amount for mixing enough for the 6 basic palette colors????
  • dencaldencal -
    edited December 2019
    Warm the thicker viscosity containers in a hot water bath to flow better.
    About 400ml  should be enough SDM. I found it useful to mix one litre, stored in a dark green, sealed bottle, it will keep for years.

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