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Just posting the beginnings and comments.

Don't like: It's Patchy...GAH! And slow... because I am trying very hard to just use the colors in the areas that I see... which makes it laborious. But you don't gain new muscles by doing the same exercises over and over. So, I'll do the challenge, then play with it.

The color matcher is interesting to use.

The thin paint is okay. I'm neutral on it so far. But I do like how easily it cleans up.

When I'm a lot farther along, I'll post a few more image. Hope the rest of you are having fun with it.





Day 1


Day 2



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    Holy Toledo! This is going to be beautiful - I can hardly wait to see the finished painting.
  • Will be watching this come to life! Great goin' Karen :-c
  • Lovely setup Karen and a great start! :)
  • Karen what great lighting. Look forward to watching your progress!
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    I agree with Jonny and Gary. Beautiful lighting and composition. I also enjoy looking at the objects and colors and textures you chose. This is going to be awesome :-bd
  • Wow can't wait to follow this WIP. Looking amazing :)
  • Great Karen...so glad you joined the challenge....Love the set up...this should be outstanding....myself...haven't had much time to paint the past week... but hopefully tomorrow will be able to paint all day...
  • Wow! very instructive photos, at least for me. I'm looking forward to seeing this develop!
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    Great lighting and variety of textures in the subjects... thanks for posting your wip... I always enjoy following and I think it helps people new to the method a great deal. :-bd
  • Excellent, the marble table top, the glass, the bag, couldn`t be better. ^:)^ =D> :-bd
  • Looks great Karen!
  • Karen

    This painting has a lot of nice neutral nuances going on.
    The photo shows a swag of subtle value shifts that requires patient paint mixing.
    Excellent perspective drawing work, like how you blocked the ellipse.

  • Sorry this gave you trouble with the lighting and color checker. But this still turned out really nice. I especially like the glass and also how I can see the paper through the bag. Very nice.
  • Overall Karen I think it's lovely! Very pleasing tones :) The color checker? I have MS and have what's called essential tremors in both arms that really acts up when I stretch either of my arms out. Since I started this method I haven't been able to use the color checker with my arm out like Mark does in the video. I actually keep my elbow against the side of my chest and hold it that way. It works.

    I actually think it's harder for artists who have been painting for some time to switch methods. My first painting in this method took me 3 very long days just to mix the palette! 6 weeks all together from start to finish. Half way through I almost threw the whole painting away. Hated the medium.

    But I gutted it out and so glad I did. It took me about 5 paintings to really grasp it. Now I can mix on the fly or an entire palette in about an hour. And now that I"m use to the medium? I LOVE IT. Honestly makes my paintings look better than they are!!! :)

    I hope you'll give it a few more paintings cause you do have wonderful skills and it really shows in this painting. It's a stunner that is for sure!!!!

    ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
  • This is a really nice painting Karen, I agree with Ronna I too like the glass and seeing the paper through the bag, it's very effective. Nice job.
  • wow this looks cool.......love the setup ...waiting to see the finished version
  • Very nice work Karen. I can relate to your comment #4 on “yardining” I’ve been spending a lot of time occupied with the same activity, ohhh if there were only more hours in the day sometimes!

    Your painting is awesome, I love your palette and choice of objects. It’s coming along so well and I look forward to seeing it complete.
  • Really nice - I love the subdued colors. I'm eager to see the finished painting.
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