Which kind of linseed oil for a second layer to maintain fat over lean?

I do not seem to have the time to get what I want to be done with DMP to get a painting that I am happy with before the paint dries. This is due to being busy with work and a dad, no criticism of the paint.

I recall that Mark said that it is ok to add a second layer with a couple of drops of linseed oil in the paint but he warned against a certain kind...though I cannot remember which :( I see refined, cold pressed and other Linseed Oils. Can anyone recommend which to buy to fatten my Geneva paints?


  • jhc1982

    I don’t remember any such warning. You could use ref linseed or walnut.


  • I think he advised against stand oil and safflower but refined linseed oil is good. He also advised against adding more clove oil to the paint or medium because the top layer would dry faster than the last layer cures.
  • Hi jhc1982   I agree with the others.  Just use refined linseed oil.  Cold pressed and filtered and bleached without chemicals, if you can find it.  Better still, look into refining your own oil, it will be better than anything you can purchase.  Linseed oil is actually the name of refined flaxseed oil.  From a health food store purchase organic flaxseed oil free of any additives.  Use the Velasquez CSO (google it) psyillium husk / air pump / sun bleaching method to clean and polymerize it and you will have the same medium that Rembrandt, Rubens and all those old masters used.
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