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Hello Everyone

A few people have asked me to introduce myself- my apologies for forgetting that- Ray Brilli here and I live in Palm Coast but spend most of my time 30 minutes north in St Augustine-
i am a self employed artist- every stick of furniture bills food etc is paid by the sales of my paintings
The oil medium is my medium of choice
i knew I wanted to become an artist at 13 after visiting my uncles ad agency office at Kodak in NYC. Went to art HS and Art college but I’ve learned much more than art college by watching Marks videos during the last two years

The Geneva paints have had a profound change in my life- working wet on wet- the pleasant aroma and the vibrant pigment.

I do art shows almost every weekend and paint during the week- I am also in a Gallery in Daytona The most unsatisfying aspect of my art life is having to produce prints- but I always set aside time for painting- I’m doing more painting at night now since Mark suggested the Kelvin 5000 lightbulbs- 

Thank you Mark for all you do for us-




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