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Today I finally started my first painting...

I'm excited, but this many be boring to so many, so skip on if you are already talented.  It took me 3-4 days to mix my colors and I found it challenging, maybe 25 total.  Too pink, too blue, too brown, too dark, still too dark, still too dark.  I was proud that I think I did value and colors pretty well.  I skipped steps of colors but didn't quite realize it until today.  After I got started I realized I never mixed any of the colors for one section!  Oh well, nothin's stopping me today from picking up a brush.  Mark's words stayed with my as I worked. Start with the dark colors.  Looked bad when it was done, and I'd already made mistakes.  My biggest problem (as I expected) was to stop working in details.  So I'd argue in my head, but this tiny black area is detailed!  Should I paint it or skip it and come back or try to paint background around a thin black line?  I don't know the answer.  I turned my palette into a mess, trying to mix steps I'd not done before.  And I couldn't get myself to stop trying to paint details!  I'd get up and walk 11 feet away, didn't look so bad after all, maybe?  I smudged dark paint into light multiple times.  Mark's reassuring words really did help, so many times I thought about what he advised and I'd stop myself from doing it.  It was a good day. 


  • Oh, one more thing, and I don't know an answer how to keep track.  I had so many colors mixed, I started loosing track of where I had intended them to go.  There were so many brown/gray/gray to green/brown to green shades.  I arranged them in rows but....maybe I was getting tired. 
  • JenniferTaylor

    Divide the painting into color groups and work on one group at a time. Keep all the other value strings in small numbered airtight containers. Keep track with a numbered swatch card.

    Trust the color checked value and get the canvas covered before you assess what needs fixing,
    Adjacent colors have a huge influence on how a color reads, so get ‘em all on.


  • The first time with Mark’s method was almost exactly like this for me. You’re doing good. Keep going. Follow the method   =)
  • Be sure to rest your eyes often by any method you can think of for as long as you need to.  This will prevent any optical illusions.  I have to do this occasionally. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    This sounds typical for an early DMP.  Here is my palette on one painting, labelled with masking tape to keep it all straight.

    MichaelD[Deleted User]
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2019
    Sometimes I label my paintbrushes with tape or stick-on letters of the alphabet or numbers in sequence if the paints are close in value and I'm only using about 6-8 brushes on one painting.  I don't have to keep cleaning them off to dip them into the next value then.  One brush for every value. 
  • Thank you for the ideas to improve and encouragement! 
  • Patience, patience and more patience. Slow down every chance you get and if you reach a stumbling block, stop and do something else to take your mind off of it for a while. Come back to it with fresh eyes and turn it on its side if you have to for a different perspective.
    JenniferTaylor[Deleted User]
  • This is valid advice bob73.  Several times I tried to overcome a 'stumbling block' after I'd already been at it for a long time.  I finally took your advise and put things away when I realized I was getting nowhere and it wasn't feeling fun anymore.  There's just that point for me...that I hope to learn to recognize more quickly. 
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