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a waiting drawing

just while I'm waiting for my studio I have been busy and done this as well...It is a bit indicative of some of the images I like to can see I have to really concentrate on hands/fingers and feet...wheww!!image


  • It's great Judith! Do you like to paint them as well?
  • Hey there Judith!!! you must like rendering hands cause I see you put a few extra in there! :D
    Seriously .... this is awesome!!! beautiful shading so subtle in value changes... stricking!! :-bd
  • judithjudith -
    edited May 2013
    awwwww thanks did you guys have a look over at the peeps that have done hands and feet from the Baugher (can't remember the spelling1) now THAT is good...

    haven't been painting these but I just got a couple more images recently (they are really old statues) and have done the printing to paint them Shirley...not happy with the print quality of the enlargment tho..will have to find means to enlarge without getting all pixalated...maybe I can take photos of the original photos??? they are hard copy in books...

  • Awesome drawing Judith!
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