How do you make your own STRETCHER STRIPS?

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Is there a video for that?  I want to keep costs down.  Also, can  canvas be stored in scrolls once it has been primed, or will it become too wrinkled? Any good video  links on how to store paintings? But what has been your personal experience?


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    Oil primed canvas and oil paintings have a nasty habit os sticking together in a roll or stack.
    Paint can delaminate and stick to the backing of its neighbour.
    Suggest silicone release paper as interleaved in any roll or stack.

    Best storage is an evenly cool, dark and dry room on a wall or in a rack.


  • Thank you.  I appreciate the help.  I'll have to watch the video.
  • If you want to keep costs down, there are a number of ways.  Paint on wood, there are all kinds of videos out there on how to prep. The Mona Lisa was done on wood;  Paint on dibond,  not super cheap, but you can save on stretchers, you can easily size the painting, so something that is extra like a golden mean canvas is just a mater of doing the ratio.  You can even add an allowance for the frame so that the field is exactly as you want it.  If your painting on dibond turns out lessor, you can always just lift it off with a drywall knife.  More savings.

    You can paint on canvasses that are held to a backer with tape.  This saves all around, and particularly  on storage (wax paper between) or shipping the canvases to clients or moms, etc...

    I had no problem finding stretcher videos on YT.  It is basic woodworking, and you can make much better stretchers than you can buy, for the most part, simply because if you know wood you can sources great wood, and make the dimensions fit the task, as far a stiff enough for whatever you want to do.

    There was some talk  here about how one might cut one's fingers off, and I get it.  I felt a little stupid making guitars.  So here is a super safe formula:  Saw your wood at a 45 degree by hand, eventually these may come out exact, but if that is a problem, google 'shooting board'.  Don't get sucked into the vortex, it is 3 pieces of MDF.  You can then plane, or even block sand, perfect miters.  Use biscuits to spline the corners, or baring that, find some veneer that matches your corner and veneer spline them.  One rip cut and drop the veneer in  with glue.  If you only have a table saw, make a jig that will safely hold the frame and drop in a sliver of 3mm plywood.

    Big frame:

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    If your painting on dibond turns out lessor, you can always just lift it off with a drywall knife.  More savings

    What?  This makes no sense.
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