Finally started!

Hi everyone!

Finally decided to start painting!  Now at 45 years old, I always had an interned in painting - I remember playing with my dad's paints when I was a kid (he tried it for a short period) - I still have some of his old palette knives!
Anyway, I got the itch recently watching Bob Ross on YouTube with my kids - We were fascinated how, with a few brush strokes, one could produce beautiful images out of nothing!  I initially wanted to try his technique, but I found Mark's website and his method resonated with me.  I quickly watched all of his free videos, while I prepared my equipment and small studio.  
After about a month and a half, buying paint, ordering stuff online (Venice turpentine was a challenge!)  making glass palettes, staining the canvas, choosing a picture for a still life (I didn't have the time or space for a black box for now), have it printed and laminated, preparing the paints (I decided to mix my own medium, with Mark's recipe, but if I keep on painting, I think the Geneva paint will be the best option - anyone knows how much are the custom import duties for Canadian orders?), I finally started to mix my colors two nights ago!
I have no idea if I'm doing things right, but I will try to keep going. I think my colors will be ready by tonight, and I will put the first brush strokes on the canvas, finally!
Only thing, I have no idea how much paint is normal to use when mixing colors.  It seems to me that I use it up fast!  And my mixing palette is already completely full of big circles of paint!
Ok, off I go, and see you all around the forum!



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