Studio Shelving

The wall is cleaned, patched, sanded and painted.

Here is the IKEA shelf.  It is 4" deep, and has a groove.

Finding the wall studs for six shelves.  Yes, the easel is 8' tall.

Mounted and tested using the only painting that matters.

Populated.  24' of shelving, and I need about twice that, there are already painting behind other paintings.  There are another 29 paintings that just don't fit.  Need more shelving.

This is what I wanted, to be able to see them all (29 others notwithstanding) at once.



  • Looking good, job well done.

    I want that easel
  • MichaelD said:
    I want that easel
    They are for sale, although shipping costs are staggering.  It arrived in two pieces, and I couldn't lift either piece.  There are easier paths...
  • Probably more staggering to the UK

  • SummerSummer -
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    Because of my intimacy with dust as a housewife, I just have to ask about the dust and/or marks on the wall if you turn paintings around.  Some people report no dust accumulation just hanging paintings vertically on a wall or leaving wet paintings vertical on their easels.  I haven't tried any of those ideas.  I cover everything. 
  • A superduty shopvac (vacuum) with the exhaust hose 3 feet outside the doggie door running continuously while you dust and run the household vacuum cleaner and for an hour longer after you're done cleaning will take  care of  most of it. Never run ceiling fans if you haven't dusted them lately. Use HEPA filters in your central air system and change them every month. Forgot to mention keep an inch or two of water in the bottom of the shopvac and don't point the end of the exhaust hose toward the windows.
  • @Bob73 Have you ever found the noise from those systems to be a factor?  Summer
  • The noise doesn't bother me. I set up the vacuum in the back room and dust from front to back. I never get within ten feet of it once it is on. I misspoke I dust the back room first before turning on the vacuum.
  • Sorry to hi-jack the thread Paul. the shelves were a great idea. Don't limit yourself on the size of future paintings for lack of shelf space. You picked a good wall color too. it makes the easel look bigger LOL.
  • What a great idea.
    I’m so glad you’ve kept the rabbit  =)
  • @Summer, the paintings get covered in dust and cat fluff.  I wipe it off.

    @BOB73, the top shelf is larger, and there are two more walls likely getting shelving, but most of my paintings are still on the floor anyway.

    @Boudicca, the rabbit lives.  One day, it will get fixed.

  • @Boudicca, the rabbit lives.  One day, it will get fixed.
    That rabbit is perfect as it is.
  • okay, I am most jealous of your gorgeous door and doorknob.  That doorknob is stunning!

    2.  How the hell do you paint on those gorgeous hardwood floors without covering and they are spotless!!!!!

    3.  Your shelves are genius - I love seeing all of your gorgeous paintings together like that - amazing!!!

    How do you have time for all of this?  You're amazing.
  • what the heck does Anne-Marie deClippereir have to do with your shelves?  She is stunningly gorgeous but I cannot imagine her being as neat as all that.  :)

    My very intelligent, organized, immaculate sister keeps telling me I should read and learn from Marie Kondo but I'm sure that's not what you meant.  And anyway, I have to keep everything because it brings me joy when I look at it. Yes, everything - I don't care what she says. 

    okay, I am seriously still laughing about the meme about how you paint vs. me...….  that is really funny (and true).

  • P.S.  I should (but I won't) take a photo of my fireplace hearth that has old doorknobs as decoration - I think I paid a fortune for them.  And you have so many in your house that you actually use for their purpose - I use them for decoration.... as a matter of fact, I want to paint one now . 
  • I should paint these things.

  • that is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long while - and you have a key hole???  oh my.  that is gorgeous.  Can you imagine whoever or whomever made that door knob?  it is a work of art.

    My grandmother's home had glass door knobs (are they glass??? - it seemed like it??)  I think that may be why I am so taken by this.  Truly.  I'm not kidding.

  • PaulB

    A simpler solution for drying next time could use z strips.

    As the paintings are light aluminium a 2 inch strip would be sufficient on either side of the painting, attached with double sided tape, hot glue or araldite. I have seen a photo of z strips in the National Gallery. They centred the painting z strips and it looked quite effective as the sizes varied widely.

    In US prices c$20 for four metres and $9 for 10 pairs of clips. (Amazon).

  • Those doorknobs are worth a fortune and every one of them can be restored.  I am seriously jealous 
  • Cool nice brush work on the wall 
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    Nice work in the studio! Btw is that "Whitened Sage" on your walls? Quite similar to what I and others here have. 4 years and I still like it very much. The old building I care for started out with doors and handles just like that but all got worn and changed already, years now. It's a challenge to keep these working well for such long term, but so very appealing while good.
  • Nice work in the studio! Btw is that "Whitened Sage" on your walls?
    "Brandon Beige", Benjamin Moore.
  • Great work, @PaulB. Everything is so neat and tidy in your studio. Love the wall colour - very easy on the eyes.
  • Try "Locktite" on the threads of screws that hold the door knobs. 
  • Folks

    Here is an ad for z strips and z clips.

    Murals anyone?


  • First of all... I literally laughed out loud with the picture of the rabbit saying "the only painting that matters" LMAO You are seriously hysterical! 
    Second... how fantastic to see everything in one place! Looks great!
    We are signing contracts on the new house tomorrow! Dreaming of a proper studio!!! I've been thinking... while it may not be too attractive, of hanging that peg board stuff... you know that people have in their sheds and garages? covering a wall in that, and then that way, it doesn't matter if paint gets on it, and I can move hooks to place various paintings as they dry. We'll see! First I've gotta secure the house! haha 
  • @JessicaArt The rabbit lives. Soon now, it will be back...

    How exciting that you soon get to build a studio from scratch. I notice from your pictures that you like to hang paintings as they dry, that's a nice solution if you can put nails in the walls, which I can't. You can install an all-new fluff layer to cushion the impact of future paintings.

    Not sure what I'd do if I had a blank room to install a studio into.  I guess think about lighting options would be first.  Fun.
  • Pegboard reminds me how I started to learn so much about Murphy's Law and gravity. There are many better alternatives with fewer nasty surprises. 1/2" plywood that you can use nails and screws on is a good alternative. Less expensive too. Since it is solid, the plywood is perfect for mounting any of the other shelves or strip hangers.
  • Thats a good space and much less problematic in terms of fluffage, in the, hopefully unlikely, repeat event of one of your horse masterpieces taking a dive at the floor  :)
  • Wonderful space. About painting; I thought to paint a neutral but dark gray but have since changed my mind to just drape black cloth. I'll have to drape some tall furniture and windows and closet doors anyway. I don't know what that will do for the ceiling but I can control my lighting with shades made of poster-board. If it's still too light then I will construct a tent like Dianna's with plastic irrigation pipe.
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    Where did you get those shelves from? I need things like those! :o
  • Kaustav, those are IKEA "MOSSLANDA" shelves.  Cheap.  Good.  Fortunately you're right next door to Sweden, so they should be easy to get.  :)
  • dencaldencal -
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    Ikea has two (that I know of) stores in India.

    Shelves probably made in China, right next door.


  • @PaulB and @dencal yeah...They are here and also on amazon too. MOSSLANDA" shelves are not available but there are other things... Thanks. They are going to deliver online. So, no need to go anywhere!  :p
  • @BOB73  I'm loving the tent more and more - I prefer to call it my Black Studio --  It's very peaceful to work in and not the least bit oppressive, and it's easy to adjust for ventiliation - why would you need a plastic irrigation pipe? 
  • @Dianna, the pipe is strong and cheap. I will use it in place of wooden dowels you used which are very expensive here. I used the word irrigation so as not to be confused with other types of plastic pipe that would not be suitable for this purpose.
  • @BOB73 Yes, we checked out other kinds of pipes here too, but too expensive. Oak dowling was cheaper.  OK, so no exhaust system required because you are smoking on the sly in your Black Studio, eh? =)
  • @PaulB I got the keys to my new place last week, the spare bedroom will be my studio and store area for most of my art that I don’t throw away in my move over the next few months, new floor goes in over next few weeks - it has ready made shelves that I may keep over 140 square foot with closet space to - should be good once done 

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Excellent!  How many feet from the Volcanic lava flow is this?

    140 sounds good, and that beam is a good light mounting bar.  You're going to have a nice space there.
  • I opened this thread with dread. I expected to hear that PaulB's shelves had fallen off and he had received an aluminium panel headache..
  • PaulB said:
    Excellent!  How many feet from the Volcanic lava flow is this?

    140 sounds good, and that beam is a good light mounting bar.  You're going to have a nice space there.

    That beam is perfectly placed for that a lighting rig, but I will not bother with the black drapes this time as it makes no difference whatsoever in my opinion
  • Good luck and enjoy your new studio.
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