New and have a question about the "medium recipe"

Hi, I have been assembling what I will need to begin oil painting.  Because I already had Graham paints and walnut oil, I hesitated buying the ingredients for the MC medium recipe, but decided to get them and experiment.  I opened them today because I wanted to check the odors.  All passed my sniffer test until I opened the Venice turpentine.  I really hate it's odor.  I'm a bit asthmatic so more sensitive maybe, and I wanted a little feedback on it's merits.  I don't have to include it do I?  I'll be painting indoors without ventilation other than the furnace running. 


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    If you buy Geneva paint there is no added medium required. No solvents.
    Graham and walnut is a good choice, just won’t have the long open time.
    VT is very coniferous forest aroma, surprised you found this to be a problem.
    When you have your medium and paint combined the only noticeable component is the clove oil.

    VT Merits
    A natural and safe product VT is 100% larch tree resin, used in food additives and cosmetics.
    Has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
    A nice consistency and body to the paint, usually called a ‘buttery feel’.
    Self levelling brush strokes. Reducing shiny bumps in varnished paintings.
    A glossy surface finish, presumably reducing the ‘sinking in’ curse.
    Adds lustre and shine to earth colors that otherwise dry dull and flat.
    Assisting with slower drying and longer open times once the clove oil has gassed off.
    Resins help the polymer formation creating a tough and durable paint layer.

    If VT is left out the resultant medium will be thin and watery.

  • Thanks Denis, I appreciate your input and the last sentence, specifically. 
  • Do your prep work outdoors if you can but @dencal is right, once the mixture is made there's not much smell.
  • Thank you, I'll go ahead with it then. 

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