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Which Graphic Drawing tablet to get?

edited February 2019 in Drawing
Hello I need your help! I have been drawing for a while but on regular paper and now I want to move over to digital drawing since there are so many things you can create that is not manageable otherwise and I wonder which tablet would be best for me? I mainly want to draw humans and mytical creatures but also manga in naruto, one piece style, but also general things like objects.

I hear quite a few people recommend the cheap XP-Pen DECO 03 graphics Tablet for this "style" but I dont know if you think another tablet version is better.

I am going to buy a drawing program like Paint tool sai or opencanvas for this to only got Gimp for now.

Last thank you for your time I really appreciate it .


  • Hi @youxian, I suggest you try this YouTube channel. This dude reviews a lot of tablets etc for sketching

  • I picked up an XP-Pen Artists 22E Pro over the holidays and am very pleased with it.  I use on a Mac and had about a days worth of driver rage, but once i got in touch with tech support live on line they hooked me up with a working set of drivers.  I have had no problems since.  I use a Wacom 22' Pro at work on Win10, other than the XP-Pen being much lighter and its pen having no tilt recognition (which I never use anyway, even on Wacom), and the drivers not giving you the same amount of customization as the Wacom device and drivers do, to me there is no difference in quality.  I will have to wait to comment on longevity, but for now I am very pleased with my purchase.

    The 16' Wacom I think I read somewhere is about $700 now so if you are more flush with cash than I and could get by with the smaller area, you might want to take a look at that as well.

  • what's wrong with DMP? 
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