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At Eternity’s Gate


Anyone seen this film yet?

At Eternity's Gate (film)

2018 film directed by Julian Schnabel

At Eternity's Gate is a 2018 biographical drama film about the final years of painter Vincent van Gogh's life. The film is directed by Julian Schnabel.


PaulBSummer[Deleted User]Kaustav


  • I hadn't heard about this movie until I read it here.  At the same time I was reading about it, my husband walked in asking me if I had heard about the movie called At Eternity's Gate and do I want him to order it for us.  Hmm.  Coincidence.   Good timing.
  • I'll check it out today and let you know what I think!
  • I think I'm too close to both to want to see another Hollywood version.

  • Relatedly, yesterday I was wondering about a film someone referenced in a forum discussion about 2 years ago (whos and about what I cannot recall -- tangents are ever present so it was some side conversation of sorts) -- I tried doing a forum search for "Frame within a frame" but found nothing.  The film is set in Asia and features two couples.  It is a period piece (50's?) and most of the shots are from outside the room so the door frame frames the scene (or similar) does this ring any bells?  Maybe it was in response to one of @Kaustav pieces.... I think there may have been some conversation about door ways... (sorry that is all this addled brain can recall!)  Can anyone can pull that from memory and remind me of the film title?
  • Folks

    A New Way of Seeing”  is an Australian led documentary on the life of VvG.

    A review is at this link.

    This is an interesting viewpoint.
    A New Way of Seeing is probably more suited to television, but it's a good companion piece to the sublimely expressive At Eternity's Gate. Schnabel's film is the one I'd choose for my cinema experience, but it's worth keeping in mind that myths of mad genius are always myths, and that art, particularly the kind that pushes the craft into new territory, never exists in a vacuum.


  • I just came home from the movies where I watched At eternity’s gate. It was captivating and I really enjoyed it. Want to see it again. Happy with the experience. 
  • I bought this and I was really impressed by Willam Dafoe's performance. It looked like he was really painting those masterworks. And he knew how to hold a brush when painting. There were some criticisms by "experts" that the ledger he was given, that he drew those pen and inks, was not drawn by him but by someone else. And he was not killed by those juveniles but he killed himself. The ending was amazing when he was surrounded by his paintings at his funeral and he sold his first piece. A great movie about a tortured and misunderstood artist. I recommend it to any artist to watch. 
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