ready made panels!

@PaulB what do you think? This looks like it could be great if someone (like me) doesn't want to take on the task of prepping pannels, but wants to try them. Whats your take?


  • I know several people who use these Artefex panels and love them.  I haven't tried them myself, and with several years of supplies in my basement, it will be a while.  My preference is for buying in bulk and cutting them myself, because I enjoy that.

    I see the largest bare panel as 24" x 24" for $32.70.  My cost is more between $12 and $20.  So that's not a bad price or Artefex really, considering I have to cut also.  I presume they do a better job at getting clean edges than me.

    As for Artefex panels with linen attached, I defer to @Summer who has worked through some of these issues.  @Summer, have you worked with Artefex?  Do those linen panel prices seem reasonable?
  • Thanks @PaulB I'm I nterested I  trying out just the aluminum ones like you use. Would I have to further treat these besides an imprimatura layer? I read the description...but it says unprimed so I'm confused.
  • Raw panels need something, sanding and gesso, or sanding and rustoleum.  Not sure about the Artefex though, they ought to be ready to go.  I'll have to try some.
  • From my experience sanding and gessoing them is very little trouble. If you wanted the ones with canvas/linen attached then that might be a lot harder, I don't know.
  • I thought I was the luddite-extreme but I see that some artists prefer to paint on animal hides. I'm pretty sure they don't use Rustoleum either.
  • @JessicaArt the shipping rates on that site are obscene.  Check carefully.
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    The preprimed canvas ones are probably a no-go because apparently its impossible to determine whether the priming has zinc in it or not

    Find a local sign making shop that uses the dibond acm panel and get them to sell it to you for cheap. They can cut it for you too. 

  • My few cents worth:  I have tried the Artefex products, and love them.  But, I have moved on from there.  I think you could give them a try just to see what unforeseen problems arise and when you meet those challenges you will be glad of the small investment. 

    As the others have said, the sizes are too limiting and the shipping costs are too expensive.  And, I don't see a reason to order any more.  But I also won't go back to using canvas or boards again either.

    Painting on aluminum requires a little getting used to and I'm committed.  As you learn more about ACM panels, you will decide which options work better for you.  I had to build an attachment to my easel to hold the panels in place securely to keep them from falling on the floor.  Then, I was surprised to learn that framing was necessary and not an option.  The edges of the paintings have to be protected for the sake of the art and also not cause harm to people handling the art in the future.  And, that bracing the backs of the panels was necessary especially on panels that were under 6mm.  Just a few things to think about. 

  • What size do you go upto that you need bracing? The 12" x 16" ones I prefer are fine without it in 3mm ACM.
  • Folks

    16 x 20 ACP is fine without bracing in a floating frame. Any size larger would be good with a backing sheet and floating frame.

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    I agree with dencal that the smaller panels do not need bracing.  I have also found that if you do see slight warping on the smaller panels, just the framing alone will hide the problem--without bracing.  It won't remove the warping, so, you will be painting on a slightly warped panel.  Hardly noticeable on some of them.  I haven't found any warping of small sizes using 6mm, solid core.
  • Wow thanks everyone! Worth looking into!
  • I've used the Artefex panels and enjoyed them enough to know that even with a panel I like having a canvas texture.  BUT, the canvas on one of the panels is starting to lift off.  Granted, with the extreme cold weather and decreased moisture in the house (even with a humidifier going) it is very dry this winter.  Still, that should not have happened.   I have not bothered to call the company because I now just make my own panels. 
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