Nice composition


Appraising this pic because of the balanced action and values.

It then occurred to me that this is probably the only country in the world to kit their firemen out with wet suits, life jackets and rubber duckies.

Townsville has had over 39 inches in the last seven days. Heavy rain forecast for the next seven days.

Photo ABC News.



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    I wish the rain gods would send some of it down to Tassie.   :)

  • @Boudicca   My father used to love reciting this by heart.
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  • Beautiful poem and obviously heartfelt. Thanks @Boudicca. As for the fire kit, Denis, if you look at my avatar you will see a Zodiac inflatable boat to my left. We have wet suits and water rescue gear too. 39 inches is about what we got in Harvey but you guys seem to get that kind of deluge more often than our 100 year rain. The composition is good. They just need to ramp up the outboard motor to a 50 horsepower.
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