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Paintings, Custom Canvas, wood

Hello everyone, I'm working on a new project, as well as oil on canvas, Here are some pics of them. 
visit my facebook page if you would like to see some videos and pics of a Custom canvas I am building, for a Silverpoint/Oil on Canvas of St Mary. Still building the Canvas coming along nicely.


  • Awesome work bench. The frames I'm sure are virtually indestructible and of a unique design. There's potential in your paintings, the compositions are interesting but you should follow the DMP course for a while to learn about proportional drawing, values and mixing paint. These aren't as well thought out as your Van Gogh twins. Did you paint the motorcycle picture?
  • The Motorcycle Artwork is by Al Pastrana in Plainville, CT. I took the bike apart and reassembled it. Thank you for your kind words, I watched a lot of videos, running out of time too, unemployed, foreclosure, bankruptcy, disability, need an Investor & Financial Team to assist, so I may keep moving forward. My custom canvas could be the start of a new product.
    Thank you
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