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"Girl in a beanie"

I thought I'd take a break from oils and try my hand at making a drawing with pastel colors. I'm not very experienced working with mixed media so it might look a bit rough. The thing was first drawn on brown paper with a prismacolor pencil (you can see the outline) and the pastel colors were added afterwards on top of that. I blended some of the color to get a softer look. If anyone has any good tips on using pastels I would definitely like to hear from you, thanks! 


  • This is very good. When I work in pastels I approach it like I would with oils. I ask myself what to do I want to keep rough and what do I want to keep smooth. I like using the side of the pastel instead of the tip. For instance, on the shirt, I would use the side of the pastel and try and get the wrinkle shape in one stroke. But this is awesome nonetheless. You seem to have great command over it. 
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    Yes, I tried to use the side of the pastel on the background but it really was't working too well because the paper I used was too thin and I had it taped on a surface that was a little too rough. I was getting too many spots with no color, so I decided to go with making lines instead. I have seen pastel drawings using the technique you describe and they look pretty impressive.  
    Here I tried to do the Degas thing, you know, applying the color in vertical lines. 
  • This is very beautiful. The colours work so well together and I like the pencil outline.
    ive worked a little bit with pastel, but not enough to give you any tips. There is a woman on YouTube, Karen Morgulis who does demos and tips in using pastels who I think is very good.
  • Ok, thanks for that. I'll definitely take a look. 
  • Very nice, @Leo2015. You got the Degas look with the vertical strokes. The white dress is great and nice colour combination overall. :)
  •     Thank you my friend, always appreciate your support......
  • Lovely rendering.  I took a class from a lady who did extraordinary pastels.  One of the things I remember her telling us was to be sure not to blend over much.  The reason for this is that the pastel chalk is made up of colored crystals, so to speak, and when you mush it all together you break down the crystals and they loose a great deal of their reflective surface, which in turn causes them to loose a lot of their brilliance.
  • That really looks great! Love the effect.
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