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Your first DMP (the subject)

What was the subject of your first DMP? I was thinking about still life with dried florals -,163 ?
 Would I learn a lot from a subject like this?
Thanks a lot!



  • So your planning to order some dried florals and arrange them for your still life? I think it would be very nice. It would make for a lot of good earthy and dirty colors to paint. Honestly though, just about any subject will allow you to learn a lot using this method. 

    My first was a still life of 3 pears based on a photo. That one didn’t go too well because a lot of the colors in the photo we’re very similar and my paint was all transparent so my mixes looked different on the canvas then I wanted. My second was of a white rose and went much better. 
  • I started by painting some leaves.  It contained a lot of different greens, and a full range of values.  It went okay.
  • I did a still life with minimal colours but varied textures- stone, glass, metal, cloth and feather. The minimal colour helped me to concentrate on value and texture, and got me over the fear of painting glass and metal- which is no different to painting anything else but in my head I thought would be really hard.
  • My first was a stainless steel creamer sitting on top of a cloth. I learned and applied Mark's method. I achieved creating stainless steel with blurred reflections, and created the cloth to the tee, with wrinkled edges and folds included. Very few colors were used to mostly get a handle on the work flow. I tried to keep as simple as possible, enjoyment was a key ingredient.
  • @Datura, you will learn, doesn’t matter what you paint. :)  
    My first painting was a white teapot, hmmm, no wonder I like to paint white things. :3 
  • It doesn't matter what you paint. Keep it simple to begin with. I think my first still life was a few tomatoes   :)
  • My first was a still life in a shadow box. Two of the lessons learned was do some color/value checking prior to drawing. My light was so strong I couldn’t match the whites. I also should have spent more time on the arrangement for a more interesting composition. However, I was very pleased with the color mixing process. I will sell the painting. Go for it, you will amaze yourself.
  • Mine was a painting of Jos van Riswick. I turned it into a black and white image. Gave me the confidence to move further.
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