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Drying space?

edited January 15 in General Discussion
So this is my studio space (it's a mess right now) but my question is if anyone has any ideas on how I can hang my paintings to dry. I used to hang them on a series of tacks in the wall...but now that a) my main drying wall shares the wall with a closet door I'm nervous of paintings falling off when I open and close the door b) we are trying to sell the house so I dont want tack holes and oil paint all over the walls... c)we have a cat and no door to this room- it's like a loft space, so I cant simply prop them against the walls ...


  • dencaldencal -
    edited January 15

    The first solution that comes to mind is adhesive hook and loop aka Velcro.

    This is is about $5 here. Dots, strips and lengths up to 25m available. Widths up to 50mm.
    I have had several canvases on the wall by this method for several years.
    Caution required during a slow and careful removal from the wall to avoid stripping paint.
    A set of three 50 mm strips is enough to hold a canvas securely.Though it looks like you are using MDF. So perhaps 100 mm strips.

    Otherwise, if you have some floor space, a few pine lengths and dowel could form a drying rack.
    Suggest paintings are face down to avoid accumulating dust.


  • Ooo. I'm gonna check out ikea now! Thanks @PaulB & @dencal
  • They didn't get dusty though.. just hairy!
  • ElizeElize -
    edited January 17
    You’re very welcome @JessicaArt. :) Glad I could help.
  • @Elize Did you just use zip ties to keep the dowels in place? I've been thinking about doing something like yours for awhile now. I don't know how to go about it.
  • PaulB said:
    My solution is currently to stack paintings everywhere, which is an awful mess, although not a @Julianna scale mess.

    What I’m working on is clearing my studio at one end by relocating file cabinets.  This will leave a 10’ / 3m wide space and blank wall.  After painting that wall something neutral, I’m going to put up three levels of something called a picture ledge, which is an IKEA product, a lipped shelf about 4” / 10cm deep.

    This should let me store about 20 paintings to dry, up above the fluff level, and simultaneously visible, to mock me as I work.
    We have book shelves in our living room, and the top one is near the ceiling but still low enough that I can rest a painting diagonally high up where the warmer air is and where the dust shouldn't go.
  • Great solution, @Elize all that's necessary now is a draped sheet to keep the dust off.
  • You’re correct @Norquist, they are zip ties. @BOB73, only if you wish to cover them, I don’t have a problem with dust so I don’t cover mine.
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