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Will-o-the-wisps /Magic in the long forgotten pond

Hello everyone,

When i started with this painting, it was originally going to be a lily pond under white light from a cloudy day. When i edit my photos before printing, i like having fun with them like overexposing,varying color intensity unrealistically and so on. With this photo when i decreased the warmth and the exposure, I got a beautiful moonlit night/late eve picture. Initially seeing the image i had the idea of fireflies, to add a bit of contrasting warmth to the composition; but then these little orbs sounded even more magical, as it could be something different in each person's imagination. 

The painting is on gesso board,  9" x 12".
Note: The orbs in the painting look more glowy and less solid like than in photo.
Suggestions welcome! and which name would you prefer? ideas welcome.




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