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  • Re: Second DMP painting WIP (white rose)

    What you've done with the background reminds me of the leafy part of my first dmp painting. I regret doing that instead of painting more detail. It looks okay in the darker bottom areas around the nice leaves you painted, but the area above the rose could be done much better. Something I've learned is that creating some sort of abstract foliage like that is actually quite challenging. There was a tiny bit of it in that rocks painting I just did and it's not easy to pull off at all.

    If I had to paint this rose photo, I would think that the blurry background would be the most difficult part by far.
  • Re: Florence the Cat WIP -- Finished!

    I was referring to the edges of the cats body!
  • Re: 3rd Place in the International Artist Magazine!!

    Dang that's a great painting. Very interesting and painted very well! I was just wondering how to paint tall grass like that today... Now I know how!
  • Re: Third painting work in progress - finished :)


    Thanks - I haven't been doing colour strings at all. Basically I've been mixing the darkest colour of an area, putting that in wherever it fits, and then adding some white to the pile and then adding the new colour in wherever it fits and so on. At the same time I also add more yellow/red/blue to alter the colour a bit for each area. It's been very easy to do this way.

    What I did for the top left mossy part was simply colour the entire area with the underlying grays and then added the mossy parts and white bits directly on top until it looked good! That's what I'm going to do for the rest of the painting too.

    Here's a pic of my progress today and my palette which has all the colours I've used so far for the middle section where the rock gets a bit more orangey.

    At the end of the day I'll scrape it all up into a pile so it doesn't dry out and then use it again tomorrow. Even if I'm onto a darker part I just add some brown or blue or whatever and it's good to go!

  • Re: Next 2 Paintings!

    About the paint drying... It always seems to dry fast for me too so I just mix and paint one colour or colour group at a time.