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  • Re: What's happened?

    Interesting thought on critiques Mark once said in all his years of teaching the thing that seemed to help students most is not telling them what they did wrong but asking them why they painted it that way, what’s the difference between what you painted and what you see, is yours as subtle, did you color check it, why not.... (something along those lines... it’s in one of the videos) 

    At any rate .... the point I believe was not pointing out what they did wrong but actually questioning them so they can learn to see it themselves. 

    I believe the delivery of critiques is important be honest yes but with a view to teaching so that someone becomes a better artist. Commend on the good things painted correctly and help a person see for themselves where improvements can be made.
    People have enough negativity in life without adding to it.

    It serves no purpose to endlessly argue a critique into the ground. 

    On Kingston... great artist, some valuable insights, yet delivery off putting and I often had a hard time following his train of thought. 

    Do I think he should have left, no. Should he have reigned his comments in a bit, yes.

  • Re: Wildflowers || (oil on board, 20x20 cm)

    I put that reference in the color snap app by sherwin Williams and here are some of the colors in those two flowers... hope it helps
  • Re: Wildflowers || (oil on board, 20x20 cm)

    I see a lot of purple in the flowers. I think your leaves and background is great. I would let it dry then oil it out, come back and tighten up the middle and right flowers to make them pop and bring them forward. especially the middle one... this will give the painting depth. The other flowers can remain as they are. Just those two to me need a little extra work.
  • Re: peacock

    Actually I shouldn’t have called this DMP 9... because I am not color checking this.... this is just a fun to loosen up take my mind of the harder girls in kimonos.... on this my brushstrokes are not carefully thought out nor am I worried how it will look so long as I find it pretty. (DMP method no.... but a style I like to do for fun)

    thx @Kingston
    PaulBdencal[Deleted User]BOB73marieb
  • Re: Want Your Input on my New Palette

    Okay I understand the cost factor is putting you off the Geneva paints.... just one thing I want to say... I bought mine September 2016 and still have plenty of paint .... and the set with the power colors are all you need to mix practically every color you need. If you cannot afford the whole set buy one tube at a time as you can afford to do so, for example $16 for the titanium white.... not only does it allow you to get your feet wet with them and try it, (the only way you will know for sure is to use them)
     it’s less chunk of change at once..... also factor in the medium is already in the paint so they are good to go the day you get them. It took me a long time to save up bite the bullet and buy them.... glad I did, they for me are worth the price and last a long time.