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  • Re: '...Where My Heart Is'. Oil and canvas 18X24

    @airportAl many on here started and learned by painting exactly marks method and copying his exact paintings in learning DMP as they advanced in skill and technique they naturally have developed there own styles while still giving credit to mark for his invaluable contribution to their progress.
  • Re: Galleries HELP

    @JeffAllen thank you I appreciate the feedback and you are right. I am going to just focus and do what I have been trying to do paint my 10 DMP paintings trying to improve with each one and not worry about the rest.
  • Re: Which style of the oil painting do you prefer?

    I like it all... but for some reason I tend to actually paint more wildlife than anything else.... not sure if it is because that is what I am mostly drawn to or not since a lot of it was requested. I actually enjoy painting all of it and trying to paint something new for the challenge of it.
  • Galleries HELP

    I need help and feedback asap, my wonderful and supportive mother ( a member of her local art community and very involved with all of it) has been discussing my artwork with her community and letting them know I'm coming to visit in November for the festival.... she just texted me and told me one of the gallery owners wants to see my art when I come that she may be interested in putting in her place ( this is sight unseen so far) .... honestly I Am a bit mortified by this -- my stuff is no where near galley quality let the one that wants to see it ( fine art only) I love my mom and appreciate her thoughtfulness ( her heart is in the right place) but anxiety is kicking in. 

    Suggestions on on best quality canvas for a gallery... those of you who have experience in this department please give feedback on your experiences and what you suggest to get ready, I don't want the owner seeing anything I paint yet because none of it is good enough. I have till November first to get stuff done. 

    Guess there is nothing like a big kick in the fanny to knock you out of a slump and get serious about painting something of quality. 

    thx in advance
  • Re: WIP - DMP #5 portrait

    My lastest paintings lol . Not in oils FYI.... haha. I love summer and this is for my backyard oasis.