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  • Re: DMP 8 - wip

    I am working this painting in very soft light layers, I will continue to build coverage slowly, oiling out when dry between them... I am not using any mediums so no liquin etc. I know mark goes in brush loaded but I feel more comfortable slowly building on this one. Otherwise details overwhelm me. I know in my mind I can keep working this till everything is just right and I am not going to try to do it all on first go. I have come to realize that is just not the method for me lol. So if you look closely at this stage you can still see the grid but that is okay because eventually it will all be covered. 
  • Re: DMP 8 - wip

    Well you may not agree with how I layed this out, (I know Kingston wouldn’t if he were here) bad picture for sure and I know it looks like a dirty mess (it is sprayed with fixative) don’t worry if some lines look off I have roughly corrected them on top of some of the problem ones so you might think it’s funky but i know what and were to paint lol... anyways her hair was just to give me a little reference point not at all finished product.... I am starting at the top left with the tiny bridge... because I added to the left of that what isn’t there I needed to know where to line it up. But I have finally started it.... and again I know how some of the line appear to be off but I also know where to correct along the way.
  • Re: DMP 8 - wip

    So I used the Kilz for the back side only.... Kilz is something that will prevent humid conditions from swelling my painting and mold etc. Since it is on the back only I don’t see any problems with this effecting my paint..... I used gamblin products to prep the front.

    dibond.... actual dibond is expensive jerrys sells alumicomp and it’s got really mixed reviews..... I can get this birch pretty cheap and use it cradled or UNcradled 

    Wood panels, canvas, linen, in my honest opinion comes down to artist preference. The Mona Lisa is on a thin panel of poplar wood, David Kassan uses dibond, mark carter uses claussens linen......

    As with all other artist materials I am sure some point in the future I will give aluminum a go but right now I do not have a problem using a panel and believe how I have prepared it is with as much foresight as I can into preventing any problems with it. 
  • DMP 8 - wip

    This is the painting I have been wanting to do forever! A very close friend took this picture of her daughters while they were in Japan and I just Love it! She has kindly given me permission to use the photo yay! 
    So it will be a 16x20 I did have to crop the image to have it printed in that size - hence my drawing..... I also need to spray it with fixative before I start because I want zero interference especially the hand..... Also I really want to nail this one.... if it turns out good enough I would like to enter it in the local art competition come April...(and that is really stepping out of my comfort zone to do that) 
    So as I go I know I will need help thank you to all forum members in advance!
    ps.  My photo of the drawing looks terrible but I can actually see it in person and I am also a little terrified to paint it lol
  • Re: Newbie Blues

    Freeman your statement is very true. And I do the same things you mentioned. As you continue to paint you will build more confidence. You will also learn to take what you need from the suggestions and leave the rest behind.... never forget DMP is just a learning method, to learn it takes awhile... there are just a few that seem to start out the gate already masters but the rest of us are either still learning (myself) or been at it for a long time. 

    We have all had our failures, we even made a thread about it lol the gallery of failures. 
    Keep it simple when it comes to advice as well... you get a lot of that here but when I get confused as whose advice to take I either go back to one of marks videos or look up what he said about it, usually that clears it up for me.

    keep going don’t get to discouraged you will get there and we want everyone to succeed and feel good about their work here.