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  • Re: Shadow box wip

    This is exciting, I love seeing these come to life. I have yet to get my shadow box set up complete. My basement is under remodel and of course with my husband being a contractor my house is always last on the list lol... I have made him watch marks vidoes (a few times ;) ) and he keeps telling yes he will build it for me and I keep waiting lol :p in the mean time these post are some of my favorites. Can’t wait to see your painting!
  • Re: What's happened?

    I understand and agree with many different thoughts on the subject here. I also think it’s a good idea to close this thread... I don’t want Kingston to feel he can’t return to the forum if he so chooses... I don’t think that is how any of us actually feel about it even if we didn’t always agree with the critiques. 
  • Re: Critiquing Paintings. Please read

    I just want to bump this back to recent discussions in light of certain events and so many newcomers,  Flattys comments are highly appropriate.
  • Re: What's happened?

    Interesting thought on critiques Mark once said in all his years of teaching the thing that seemed to help students most is not telling them what they did wrong but asking them why they painted it that way, what’s the difference between what you painted and what you see, is yours as subtle, did you color check it, why not.... (something along those lines... it’s in one of the videos) 

    At any rate .... the point I believe was not pointing out what they did wrong but actually questioning them so they can learn to see it themselves. 

    I believe the delivery of critiques is important be honest yes but with a view to teaching so that someone becomes a better artist. Commend on the good things painted correctly and help a person see for themselves where improvements can be made.
    People have enough negativity in life without adding to it.

    It serves no purpose to endlessly argue a critique into the ground. 

    On Kingston... great artist, some valuable insights, yet delivery off putting and I often had a hard time following his train of thought. 

    Do I think he should have left, no. Should he have reigned his comments in a bit, yes.

  • Re: Study with smoke

    There is only one thing I would suggest when posting a picture if you can take one with less glare and perhaps in raw format... it’s harder for me to give critiques or suggestions when I feel I am not seeing it in the right lighting (there seems to glare on this one) and what I might critique might be wrong due to that.