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  • Re: DMP 8 - wip

    @Forgiveness when I see it cropped like that to me the pole and lighting makes no sense without the door and the door says we are in a Japanese home sitting by the garden ? 
    I could be wrong but does that make sense?
  • Re: Turtle Rising DMP #2

    Excellent job on your turtle... they look easy to paint at first glance But I know how very difficult they are.... you really did well.... if attempted again or you want to make adjustments... (take or leave them lol because only suggestions) the water/light reflection on his shell needs slight attention, the reflections of light on you water surface, and light coming into the sea will help when if you want to make another underwater painting. For some soft rays of light coming into the water I take a very soft brush and light handedly blend in a one direction stroke to create a similar effect. Hope that is helpful.
    in any case great job!
  • Re: Want Your Input on my New Palette

    Okay I understand the cost factor is putting you off the Geneva paints.... just one thing I want to say... I bought mine September 2016 and still have plenty of paint .... and the set with the power colors are all you need to mix practically every color you need. If you cannot afford the whole set buy one tube at a time as you can afford to do so, for example $16 for the titanium white.... not only does it allow you to get your feet wet with them and try it, (the only way you will know for sure is to use them)
     it’s less chunk of change at once..... also factor in the medium is already in the paint so they are good to go the day you get them. It took me a long time to save up bite the bullet and buy them.... glad I did, they for me are worth the price and last a long time.
  • Re: Curious Cows Finished dmp#7

    Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the encouraging comments and feedback. I got tired and started to rush the last cow last night so I made myself stop painting... I over brightened the value on it and will need to remedy it.... it is also proving to be the most challenging one so far.... the little soooo I will take my time .... once I have them all completed I will begin the grasses. Once that is finished I will post and ask for critiques and see what sticks out to the forum as needing to be revisited. Thanks again!
  • Re: Completed! Second DMP painting WIP (white rose)

    I think you did excellent, your value in the leaves especially they are dark where they need to be and you never muddy them up which resulted in great realism. I think your rose turned out beautiful and I don’t have much to add to that. I would also move on to your next painting. If you ever did want to do anything or adjust anything later on you could but I think you will progress further by getting on to your next one.