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  • Re: Attaching canvas to aluminum, a substrate experiment.

    Update: I examined linen-covered aluminum panels from Jerry’s Artarama and had to send them back for a refund. Blisters had formed in the fabric.  They weren’t immediately noticeable when looking at the panel straight on, but shine a flashlight from the side and you can see dozens of them. It appeared that they didn't even out the glue with a roller after applying the glue from a tube to the aluminum before applying the canvas.  Some of the squiggles of glue from the tube were perfectly intact and stretched the linen with the same design.  I will have to be careful not to do this with my rabbit skin glue when I attach the linen and wait for it to dry.  Everything else about these linen-covered aluminum panels was perfect.   I’m going to order a panel from Natural Pigments and update this research thread with the results when I receive and examine that order.  Summer

    Here is the advertisement for the panels I had to return to Jerry’s Artarama: “New York Central Professional Canvas Art Panels on AlumaComp Archival, Museum Quality Professional Canvas Panels! AlumaComp Aluminum Panels Hand Mounted with 8 Professional Surfaces.

    Thought about making your own linen panels, but could use that valuable time painting instead of prepping? New York Central has heard you and has taken the beauty and luxury of Europe’s finest Linens and Poly Cottons, and professionally mounted them on AlumaComp Aluminum Panels for your convenience! Using Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive (acid-free, museum-quality formula designed specifically for preservation materials), our skilled craftsmen hand-mount Raphael Linen, Claessens oil and universal primed linens, and quality painting panels unlike anything on the market. Perfect for oils, alkyds, acrylics, egg tempera, and caseins!

    Hand mounted to: 100% archival 4 mm (3/16”) thick acid-free aluminum boards.

    AlumaComp’s unique composition of two aluminum sides with a 1/8” polyethylene core makes them lightweight, archival, dimensionally stable and strong. Panels will never rot and are not affected by weather humidity changes or temperature fluctuations, even in transport. The light weight and slim profile is ideal for shipping, stocking pochade boxes, plein air painting, and for studio use.

    Remove the protective film from the coated side slowly and carefully to avoid static build-up."

  • Re: new stuff

    Wow!  I love this one.  It's so gregarious and colorful.  It makes me happy.  :)  
  • Re: 2nd painting, landscape this time

    Awesome beginning of the MC method.  :)
  • Re: Recognize these paintings

    @billj - These are really beautiful. It seems strange seeing such mastery without the use of masking fluid. Thanks for posting them. I look forward to the results of EstherH finding out more about them. :)