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  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    @alsart ;

    I think you are right, not all on DMP adhere to Mark Carder's methods.  Good observation. This is a public forum for realist painters of all types.  Some on here learned and still practice Mark's methods, but not all.  I kinda wish Mark had a website where a paid subscription was required.  If you follow the course as it is structured, you will surprise yourself at how quickly you will become very good.  I know other methods of painting and I'm staying with Mark's alla prima method because it yields the best results in the least amount of time.  Try to avoid your own ideas for a while longer until you have this beginners program down pat.  When you participate on this forum, and take Mark's course at the same time, it will seem like you are on three levels at the same time: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  That is because you are and therein is the problem.  It can make you feel very uncomfortable.  So don't judge yourself harshly. 

    I'd avoid large canvasses and complex subject matter at this stage, but I can understand how eager you are to emulate the more advanced artists on DMP.   :) 

  • Re: Orchids still life

    @Julianna ;

    Thanks for reminding me that archival isn't for everyone!  I don't think that I'm likely to change, either.  Hmm.

  • Re: FINISHED! Canopy #3 - 40" X 40" - OOC

    @tassieguy ; I know it isn't in the cards for you, but I look at that big wall in your new space and I'd put a wall easel up there pdq--haha.  Summer
  • Re: Low ceiling - lights

    Just glad that it wasn't rocket science to get a couple of bulbs up and running--or I would be without lights today.    :3
  • Re: Fonts

    Summer - I am very curious about why you make pdf files of threads, Summer. ??
    Hello David.  Isn't everybody?  Some threads and posts are directly related to my painting.  I keep those.  I guess the possibility of an internet meltdown is always in the back of my mind.  Summer  
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