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  • Re: Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain

    @Rtaeger ; I seem to remember that there were two things I had to deal with when I used Mark's original stain recipe on glass to make my palettes.  The blue-green of the glass had to be compensated for in the paint mix that I used.  I added a little orange--a mix of alizarin crimson and yellow.  Then, even with two coats, the back scraped easily so I covered the exposed dried paint with black contact paper but a thin veneer of wood secured with heavy duty tape or glue around the edges would have been better.  Summer
  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    I suppose I shouldn't say this, but every time I see your progress on this painting I see dollars and euros.  Even more, I see it on an auction block for millions of them.  I hope you never feel despair as you move to completing it.  :)
  • Re: Reference photo for a shell study (corrected)

    If more of a transition from light to dark is what you were after, you nailed it with the second image.  It is certainly more interesting.  Will make a beautiful painting.
  • Re: Teddy Bear. Oil study on board. 8X9

    I like the way your paintings are becoming like handwriting.  You don't second-guess yourself and you are not concerned with perfect script.  You think about what your are going to say and then you just write it!  :) 
  • Re: Brush size equates to ?

    I can see nuances of differences between the two brands.  The size difference in their handles may make a difference to some.  The double crimping in both brands is the same.  The shaving of the hairs in the toes are different in each brand.  More taper and shaving in the W & N.  The number, amount, and fullness of the hairs are different.  The sizing used in the toes to shape the final product are different so you won't know what you really have until you prepare them for use.  You may have to buy both types just to see.  It looks like there is less sizing used in the W & N.