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  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    Oh wow @Julianna this is really interesting.  I enjoyed seeing these. Thanks for showing us.
  • Re: New painting challenge?

  • Re: New painting challenge?

    Sargent's Notes

         1.   Painting is an interpretation of tone. Colour drawn with a brush.


        2.   Keep the planes free and simple, drawing a full brush down the whole contour of a cheek.


         3.   Always paint one thing into another and not side by side until they touch.


         4.   The thicker your paint—the more your color flows.


         5.  Simplify, omit all but the most essential elements—values, especially the values. You must clarify the values.


         6.  The secret of painting is in the half tone of each plane, in economizing the accents and in the handling of the lights.


         7.  You begin with the middle tones and work up from it . . . so that you deal last with your lightest lights and darkest darks, you avoid false accents.


         8.  Paint in all the half tones and the generalized passages quite thick.


         9.  It is impossible for a painter to try to repaint a head where the understructure was wrong.

          PALETTE: Silver White, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Ochre dew (English Red), Red Ochre, Vermillion, Ivory or Coal Black, and Prussian Blue.


    Sargent's notes above are from George Pratt via James Gurney. He found these nuggets in the library when he was a student at Pratt Institute.


    This is about portraits but I guess it could apply to other things.

    Could we have two items?  Plus a cloth?   I think that would make for a more interesting painting especially if you want reflections.
  • Re: Approaching storm

    It definitely feels like a storm is approaching. Nice!
  • Re: New painting challenge?

    I'm just now starting to set up a still life after not painting for quite a few weeks.  It contains a shiny reflective object from the 30's (it's an iron).  It's not a large object but placed in the center of interest.  Before I saw this post I was actually going to see if anyone was interested in doing a still life challenge using a shiny or reflective object.