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  • Re: My "experimental" oil...still needs work

    Many thanks for the encouragement! Hoping to really begin "painting ugly". Always been a pre-Rafaelite fan, more Waterhouse style than Leighton. Something about the atmosphere always draws me in and some of Sargent's paintings seem to give a tip of the hat to the pre-Rafaelites.
  • My "experimental" oil...still needs work

    In order to reintroduce myself into oils a month or so back, I decided to use an already acrylic underpainted canvas (the white horse) which I had intended to finish in acrylic. It was a good test run. My intention was to do oil stains over it, which I pretty much did.  It still needs some tweaking, softening around the eye and I will likely make the background darker, been waiting for it to dry. Not sure about introducing more color in the background, wanted it simple. Yeah... it's pleasant, but not exactly what I would like to achieve. SO, I started searching painted images which appealed to me and found Mark's work and followed the crumbs to this site.  So this is "pre-Carder"...

    ...and the second try (the strawberry roan horse and woman) is post-Carder (reference photo below painting)...but in the middle of learning. I've got a lot of wrong habits...I'M a work in progress.

    This reference photo is an old photo emulsion print, only around 4" x 5" the only reference we had as the horse died some years back...thankfully it has better detail than this shows. The owner cried when she saw it, so I guess my work is done here :-)

  • Great to be here!

    Not new to painting, but reacquainting myself with oils. Last time I regularly painted in oils was junior high age (13 or so)  but mainly due to concerns about huffing in too much turp and the like I was persuaded to change mediums.  THAT was back in the 60s, so...moved into acrylics as well as other art mediums and disciplines, print making (serograph & etching), enamel, and ceramics, stoneware, etc. Went to college to learn commercial art...more than 75% of which I now mourn as "useless" knowledge today.  But hey...I can tell you how much work that one click of a computer mouse saved you!  I was dragged kicking and screaming into computer graphics back in the early 80s by my computer savvy brothers and was converted into a "pixel pusher".  I still do commercial art (layout, corporate identity stuff, etc) and photo editing,  including computer graphic painting.  But I always painted in traditional mediums and just in the last month or so decided I'd grab some oils and rekindle my friendship with them.  AND I love it!  Found Mark's work and here I am.  I already have a studio set up, but am trying to make it as Draw Mix Paint style as I can.  It is a bit of a challenge to retrain my technique, to relearn the use of oil vs. acrylic, but I now remember what a pleasure it was.  BUT...I'm a detail person. Overly so in painting just about every time, always have been. It is my hope to learn from Mark's instruction and the people in this forum how to free up a bit, curing my OCD need to micromanage every little stroke of the brush!