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  • Re: DMP Silver 7x11 - back to basics - Done?

    Take it down.

    This is really nicely done.  Look at all that subtle!  Beautiful work.
  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    Day 100 (369 hours)

    Celebrating 100 days working on this.  If this horrifies anyone, remember I don't work on this one full time, but something does get done on it every day.  Currently I count ten other works in progress around me.  I like switching between them, it gives me time to think about what to do next.

    Sorry for the bad photo, but the sun won't come out until May.

    There are now areas that are done, and areas that are just blocked in.  Some areas I'm really pleased with, some I avoid for now.  There has been a lot of invisible fiddling going on to fix the perspective problems that were in the original drawing.  This includes more missing windows, and windows that were badly placed because of the drawing errors.  There are only a few big problems left.  There is a lot of standing back going on.

    Next up is about a square foot of trees and shrubs on the left side, I count about 50 of them.  These are all just blocked in now, and need layers of leaves, shape and blooms added.  I've almost finished painting in what is behind the bushes, because many of the bushes have voids and you can see through them.  Then I'll be filling in the upper left.

    I am moving the completion deadline for this - it will be done by July 29th.  That's the day I go to Austin for a week with Mark, and I have a feeling I'll never paint this way again.  But I'm taking my rigger brush.

  • Re: New painting challenge?

    Updated to accommodate @Ronna's closet:
    Spending no more than one week of total effort, paint a still life containing at least one modern object (post 1925), in the style of Sargent, in a small format (around 12" or 30cm or less). Submission deadline is 2018-03-15, and should consist of new work, begun after the start of the challenge on 2018-02-01.  Voting open to all forum members, consisting of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ranking.  Submit by posting to the challenge thread, once it is created.  One entry per member.  A voting thread will be created at close of challenge.
  • Mystery tool is useful

    I don't know what this thing is called.  The tip is rubber, maybe silicon, and it can be used to push paint around.  At least that's what I was told.

    Anyone know what it is, and how I can use it properly?

  • Re: DMP - Pause, for a while & practice,...

    The leaf is outlined in gray, and it makes it look flat.

    On your painting, trace your eye around the edge of the leaf, all the way around.  Now compare to the photo.  Lots more black in the photo. This is what I meant earlier when I said:
    It is hard to see but there is a darker shadow under the leaf, which is essential to the realism.
    You need more black surface texture going right up to the edge of the leaf, and more of it on the near edges.  Look what happens when a darker edge is added, it lifts it off the background a little.

    Good leaf colors, and the background texture is great.