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  • Re: New painting challenge?

    alsart said:
    Questions - 
    can we work from a photo object ?
    week= 168 total  clocked hours ? (Total effort) 
    do or can we post WIP of the object for help or is it a grand reveal and only post once complete?
    Whatever you think is in the spirit of the challenge.  Finding loopholes is not.

    Just like the previous challenge, how about you can create your own WIP thread if you wish, then submit one completed entry to the challenge thread.
  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    108F?  That's Phoenix hot.  Luckily I don't think there will be a parking garage or car involved: paint, eat, sleep, repeat.
  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    I keep thinking that is Geneva paint in a jar.  I think there is a symmetry problem in the sugar bowl lid.  Love that spoon.
  • Re: New painting challenge?

    Updated to accommodate @Ronna's closet:
    Spending no more than one week of total effort, paint a still life containing at least one modern object (post 1925), in the style of Sargent, in a small format (around 12" or 30cm or less). Submission deadline is 2018-03-15, and should consist of new work, begun after the start of the challenge on 2018-02-01.  Voting open to all forum members, consisting of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ranking.  Submit by posting to the challenge thread, once it is created.  One entry per member.  A voting thread will be created at close of challenge.
  • Re: varnish top coated

    The truth is that we don't know.

    Some advice says six months, but we all know that six winter months is a different environment than six summer months, and furthermore it depends where you live.  It also depends on how thick the paint was applied.

    One option is to wait a year, which is a period that we all here believe to be sufficient.

    Alternately you can use a retouch varnish, which creates a porous layer, and this allows the paint beneath it to continue to cure, despite being varnished.  Retouch varnish can be applied to touch-dry paint.