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  • Re: My journey with DMP

    Value is king.  If you never dip into a color, and do everything else right, you can be a great artist.  It’s a nice collection.  I like the portrait a lot. 
  • Re: I've selected these four as my next WIPs for 2018.

    I wondered where you had been.  I am so glad you are better.  It’s amazing to me how sick you can get in a hospital.
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    @paulb. I had a feeling the photo was not good enough.  I have just covered her with red paint, but it’s thin, so the green still dominates.  If the theory holds true and I do not botch it, as I add layers the green makes the skin luminous.  However, at this point it just looks flat and lifeless.  So in person it is much warmer but not much deeper.  I will play with the color settings and repost the pic.
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Based on my latest glaze, it is apparent that in the next step I will need to remodel the entire face and bring the values back up.  Can you tell I covered all the skin with another glaze.  It is not so clear in the photo.  I like to use the softest acrylic wash brush I own for glazing.  I get the smoothest, most even application with it.  I apply the glaze, then treat the brush with medium, squeeze it out, and work the paint so the coat is even.  There is a real danger in overworking the glaze.  If it starts to get tacky, it will tend to clump.  I actually glazed it three times and wiped it off twice.  I reposted the pic and its closer to what I see.

  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Thank you @bob73 and @Bobitaly .  If you have been following along you may have had a chuckle over the fact that I started part of this journey trying to get single coat coverage.  Now here I am painting the same picture 6 or 7 times.  But I have also made a lot of mistakes so it’s not as straight a path as you might think.  I glazed it and wiped it off several times, then had to repaint the underpainting.  It is fun watching it emerge.