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  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    Wonderful painting. Lovely child.  Congratulations.
  • Re: WIP - Basement

    Crazy wonderful good
  • Re: Some oil flowed from the oil paintings

    For the record, i love geneva paint and use them almost exclusively on every painting.  The vibrant color i get in a finished work is exactly what i want.  I can mix anything far more easily with it than with anything else i have tried, and i have tried them all.  I am glad Mark has made this minor adjustment.  The error i made was putting too much new paint straight from the tube on my canvas.
  • Re: The Artist RJ Dygert

    Well the terrible iPhone photos I submitted to you above have finally been replaced with a good camera in full sun.  This painting will not look its best until it is varnished because the paint swirls and brush strokes throw light at the camera in crazy ways and there are dried out and oxidized places that will disappear under varnish.  This copy is a little more orange than the real thing.  I don't like to hog the limelight with repeated postings of the same thing but in honor of the man, who has meant so much to me, a good photo had to be done.  ISO 100,f16,1/100.  50mm prime lens. Nikon D3300.

  • Re: Portrait Challenge BLOG

    I think its a great job so far.  To get the expression just right pay particular attention to the mouth and the shadows around it.  Here are the tools I use:  Compass, Yellow pencil, golden lines.  With these you can draft a perfect likeness.  Watch Marks video on how to draw in proportion.  What you are doing is creating a dot-to-dot.  Then you connect the dots.  The more dots you put down the more accurate the drawing.  For curved areas I put down a lot of dots.  For straighter areas like the collar, not so many.  If you have access to a computer, have a copy printed on regular paper.  If you don't, private post me your address and I will mail you some 8x10's (or whatever).  Have 2 or 3 printed.  Its very cheap.  Put a golden line on it and then put it in the same place on the drawing you have so far.  Then just bump things around as needed.

    This is another reason why I love portraits, the stories are so good.