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  • Everyone Please Vote - Portrait Challenge Voting Thread

    Summer please update this if @Forgiveness submits a replacement. 
    He has til midnight but I have some things to take care of this evening
    so I need to go ahead and open this thread. 

    I will check in later to see if I need to delete this copy of the summary.

    I don't know how you are going to decide but you may vote for up to three.

    Here is my vote.
    1. ERG
    2. Roxy
    3. Ronna

    I will score the votes like this to break ties.
    1 = 9
    2 = 3
    3 = 1

    I will post the results Monday 10/23 USA by 9 pm EST 
    for any vote received by midnight 10/22
    unless Summer gets to it first.

    Personal note, there were at least 13 within .01 of 
    each other and .15 of the top spot.  It was like judging
    an Olympic sport.  No wonder carpet wins drawing contests,
    the judges cannot make a decision.  In the end I just 
    voted for the ones I wish I had painted.

    Thank you all for participating, and special thanks to @summer for
    all the enthusiasm and hard work.  It has been great fun.
  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    I am going to do a fun little Christmas painting with no competitive pressure attached.  We can call it the spirit of the season DMP festival, not challenge.
  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    Fantastic Thiago!  We will begin voting Oct 18 since there were no objections to an extension.

  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    I will post the voting parameters in the voting thread.  There were no rules except that it be a portrait and only one per person.  

    Are there any objections to extending to Tuesday the 17th so @Forgiveness can finish his self portrait?
  • Re: Portrait Challenge Official Entries

    V-minus two days and counting.  I can hardly believe the amount of activity on this thread.  It has taken on a life of its own and has been great fun to be a part of.  I almost hate to see it end.  But end it must and as we come to the close there are some housekeeping items I want to go over.
    First, it was agreed early on that we would only have one submission per person, so @Kaustav, we need you to choose the portrait you wish to have us vote on.  If we have to choose it will be the first one.
    Second, @Thiago.nunesousa , we never formally said that a submission had to be created in the time the challenge was open but its a fairly standard condition.  Still, you can leave India there if you wish.
    Third, @Summer is da bom!
    Fourth, I will create a voting thread.
    Last, @Forgiveness has said he might need a couple extra days to finish his self portrait but he has never formally requested it on this thread.  Minus that, and general agreement, I think we will just go forward with the 15th.

    I am excited to see what people have to say.  I am not that worried about the presence of one style of portrait versus another.  That's why I want more people to vote, not less.  Everyone has their preference, and the loosest or most precise will not always carry the day. 

    The challenge is already a rousing success because it challenged people to participate, and they certainly have.