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  • Re: Im back and with new stuff.

    That's 92 square feet of paint! (If your fun painting is 6x2). That's ambitious!  Tyche is my favorite and I think it is the most anatomically correct.  I appreciate that you allowed Aphrodite some modesty and I think she has the potential to be a great painting if you finish the water and foliage, and put the final touches on her face.   It may be a bad photo but it looks to me as though Cupid's head is too big for his body.
  • Re: Some oil flowed from the oil paintings

    For the record, i love geneva paint and use them almost exclusively on every painting.  The vibrant color i get in a finished work is exactly what i want.  I can mix anything far more easily with it than with anything else i have tried, and i have tried them all.  I am glad Mark has made this minor adjustment.  The error i made was putting too much new paint straight from the tube on my canvas.
  • Re: Canvas Stain / Palette Color

    When I was in Austin, Mark told me I don't want any oil in the base layer (stain).  That is why he uses alkyd based stain. That is also why I was unable to simply add an alkyd medium,such as liquin, to an oil paint and call it a base.  The result had no tooth. It was smooth and slippery. 
  • Re: Studio light

    Check out my new drafting table, and @Kaustav !, in the process of being rendered.
    Its just some scrape plywood on a hinge screwed to a table but it works great.

  • Re: WIP Seascape 20" X 34" Oil on linen.

    It's hard, really, to add anything to what has been said.  It's so obvious that you are there as an artist.  Everything you share with us is top notch.  You are in the same league, in my mind, as far as landscapes are concerned, as ERG is with still life, Esther is with a street scene, or PedroGlez is with a portrait.  This site is such a pleasure to visit each day.  Your contributions are a large part of that.