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  • Re: What art books are you reading

    I just finished the Charteris book on Sargent.  The chapter on his technique is so good I want to memorize it.
  • Re: WIP Second Ever Oil Painting

    @chloebowie there is a thread at the very top of the Post your Paintings forum where we can post our preferences for all to see.
    There are so many things about this painting to like that I feel a little picky to say much at this point. Your work on the cheeks and forehead is very good.  Notice how the many value changes gives the picture life and depth.  I hope i do not have it wrong when i say i don't think it is finished.  I think if you take a close look at the values under the chin and under the hair that they are a bit high.  Darkening them will add depth.  I think it is a nice picture of you and if you asked me what i would change about the composition i would paint over the tears, which seem out of place in this rather pleasant face.  Proportion is good, color is good, but value is king, and getting that right will add so much.  I would look for ways to add some dimension to the hair.  Try some dark streaks and and highlights and you will be amazed.
    I saw your introductory pictures and i was pretty impressed with the drawing of the older gentleman.  I think you have a bright future on DMP.  I tend to ramble so don't be put off.  I want you to be great.
  • Re: Portrait WIP

    This is terrific so far.  I was a little worried about the line across the forehead but you seem to have handled it.  The eyes are spot on.  Mark says to feather the edges a bit between sessions to hide seams and it works for me
  • Re: WIP - First Portrait - Mr. Karl

    As had been said, there is no point in being critical until the canvas is covered.  You cannot make good relational judgements until all the parts are there.  When you have covered the canvas get out your calipers and start measuring.  Bump this a milimeter, bump that a milimeter, double check the values, extend a shadow or a highlight and boom, you gotta painting.  The finishing process can take as long as the prep and the initial coat.  You should not even be considering the likeness yet.  All you are concerned with is the two dimensional shapes in front of you, and the values.  This much of that color in that darkness from here to there, across to there and back down.  Just keep going and go sloooow.
  • Re: Portrait Challenge BLOG

    I have finally taken the time to make the followup video to my Jenison Device retest video from two years ago.  I needed two years of learning and experience to make it as you will see.  If you are interested in a lazy Saturday afternoon goof and would like some entertainment, go watch me opine.  As a bonus, there is a full scale view of my studio and the happy family project.

    Search youtube for Vermeers Thumb.