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  • Re: The Artist RJ Dygert

    Well the terrible iPhone photos I submitted to you above have finally been replaced with a good camera in full sun.  This painting will not look its best until it is varnished because the paint swirls and brush strokes throw light at the camera in crazy ways and there are dried out and oxidized places that will disappear under varnish.  This copy is a little more orange than the real thing.  I don't like to hog the limelight with repeated postings of the same thing but in honor of the man, who has meant so much to me, a good photo had to be done.  ISO 100,f16,1/100.  50mm prime lens. Nikon D3300.

  • Re: Portrait Challenge BLOG

    What an exciting challenge this has become.  So many entries.  I have several things in mind and so I decided to run them by you to see what you think I should do.  The first I have not yet photographed but it is a portrait of myself in a genre painting titled "Allegory of a Draftsman", since, you know, I can't draw a bath but I can draft anything.
    The second one is my girls at the Tower of London in front of the Tower Bridge.

    Next is my niece and her daughter.  I have several of these to choose from.  

    And finally, my nephew John is now engaged to his long time love Amanda, so I could do them together as a wedding gift.  I also have dozens of these to choose from.

    Of these, my nieces are definitely the hardest because they are so evenly lit.  My girls are next in line but the big white negative space over their head detracts from the composition.  They are all so darn cute its a difficult choice.  The secret is, I will eventually paint them all anyway so no worries that you will cost someone a picture.  Also, there is no guarantee I won't exercise my prerogative to change my mind and paint the Duchess of Cambridge.  =) =) =) =)
  • Re: Repairing Varnish

    You may be happy to know that I removed the troublesome varnish using the w&n instructins on a 9x12 painting in about 30 min.  I used Grumbacher turp, which was pretty strong, and it worked like a charm.
  • Re: Mad horse

    Thank you @anwesha.  I could not sleep so I scraped off the bad part and repainted it. Let me know what you think 

  • Re: Portrait Challenge BLOG

    For those who do not wish to create their own WIP thread, please use this one as the blog.  If you plan to post a lot of WIP shots and discussions it is probably best to start your own thread so it won't get lost here. For official entries, there is a new thread in post your paintings.  Have fun!