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  • Re: Christmas Still Life

    Its not ready for prime time but since you asked, I was pretty wedded to the original composition.
    Its half done now.

  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    The throw has thrown me for a loop but I think its a pretty fair representation.  Any suggestions?
    BTW, after two thin coats, the Geneva stain is more eggshell than matte.

  • Re: What art books are you reading

  • Re: Christmas Still Life

    I like this.  It retains all the original elements.  I can cut a new canvas 11x15 and make my own stretchers, or just paint it on panel.  I think I will tinker with this a little and get back to you.
  • Re: Christmas Still Life

    Yes.  Great feedback.  Thank you all very much.
    @Martin_J_Crane - I will have to play with the light a little in this picture and will emphasize it on the focal point.  Your technique is good direction.
    @PaulB ; - I think you are right about that branch.  It leads the eye away from the angel.  The cookies may not stay for the final.  The branches are supposed to be in front.  The idea I had was that the background would be indistinct, the tea set would be middle distance left and the tree would be foreground right.
    Thanks @BOB73 - I think the cookies will probably get eaten.
    @edavison - I think you are right about the lighting.  Initially I was drawn to it by the "mouse eye view".  The darker foreground, sort of hidden away, looking out on a brighter scene.  But it is a better picture with the light up front.
    @oilpainter1950 ; - I did not see the spout outta the head problem until you mentioned it.  However, the green and red together give it a Christmas feel.  That was part of the original alure.  Thanks for the compliment, but I generally only pull things off after the forum straightens me out.
    @Kingston - I was hoping you would check it over.  Let me pin you down on your two points.  First, how should I apply the Fibonacci spiral?  I thought this was what it was for.  I also thought it was used to build a good structure.  So that leads to the next question.  What do you mean by structure in this case?  I have simplified the picture by cropping out dishware on the left and most of the tree on the right.  I intend to drop the cookies and paint fewer berries.  When I look at this with my amateur eyes I see threes and golden ratios.  This is all an academic exercise for me at this point so I am not attached to anything here. 
    The following is after a little additional editing but before any of your suggestions came in.  I have been building a custom closet all day.