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  • Re: The New Renaissance is Building

    @summer. That is so interesting.  As a teen I went door to door with a stencil and painted house numbers on the curb for $5.  I probably did a hundred or so.  Not bad money in 1972.  It's been a long time since I remembered that.  The student body president of my high school taught me how.
  • Re: PORTRAIT 40X30 cm

    Boris would be proud.  Cold.  But proud.  And Shelley would applaud.
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Still plugging.  Time to stop for now.  New video at my site.  I realized the videos are helping me cope with the size of this thing.  Its a distraction but still on topic.  The yellow is out of sequence but it is helping me to navigate.  Go to spotify or you tube and listen to the first three songs on Paul Simon's "Still crazy after all these years"  "...Found a rug in an old junk shop, brought it home to you. Along the way the colors ran, the orange bled the blue..." What a genius.

  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Miss Amanda became Mrs John today and I was the wedding photographer.  I took both their paintings and they loved them.  Amanda did not know it had been done and had never seen it.  It was a nice surprise. I am giving them to the couple, along with about 800 photos, as a wedding gift.  Tomorrow we have a wedding shoot at a studio I rented.  There is the cutest little Chinese flower girl who would make a great portrait model.  Unfortunately she is a little camera shy.  I hope she goes on my list of things to do.  Tomorrow afternoon I start back on the happy family. Boy that thing is big!
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    If any of you wish to see more detailed progress on the Happy Family, I will post WIP video at  I don't have any interest in becoming a YouTube personality for various reasons, not the least of which is that my employer will not appreciate it.  But my DMP friends are welcome.
    Here is the latest photographic evidence that I am challenged.  Pay no attention to the blown out white part.  It is not there.  I just pulled in close so you can see how rough and loose it is to this point.  This better work.  Its been plenty expensive so far.