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  • Re: Studio light

    @roman, they are 5000kelvin LED bulbs which produce white light at 1750 lumens. I use 6 of them at eight feet high.  I set them 1 to 3 feet behind me when I paint.  The black drape kills light reflections and glare.  I do not try to paint in daylight because the light changes too much.  My setup gives me predictable illumination which has allowed me to develop my color mixing skills more rapidly.  I have also learned that sometimes I need a separate light for my palette.
  • Re: Blending the heck out of it all

    Wonderful collection.  I love the golden.  Keep on blending, defiantly if necessary.  :)
  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    Excellent work. Nice colors, nice composition, well painted.  
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    @Renoir, such a nice thing to say.  Thank you.
    Here is an update on the Happy Family.  It does not appear I will ever get the HD version of the photo so I am forging ahead with what I have.  That sort of dictated that I put some atmosphere between us and the subject because I cannot paint anything in perfect focus or the rest of the painting will look out of place.  Therefore, I started glazing and repainting areas that were not well defined or needed softening.  I also darkened down some of the brighter colors.  There is much left to do.  The background and extreme foreground, the mother and child need the faces touched up and glazed, the throw needs repainting and finally, the highlights must be added.  And I need to tone down all the halo's caused by the backlighting.  Not much.  Only a few more months.  =)
  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Thank you Bob and Mark.  Here is my progress today. I am beginning to understand just how little paint is in each layer. I can see why this method was so popular when paint was so scarce.