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  • Re: first portrait (in progress)

    Excellent work so far. Please finish it.  You will be glad you did.  The hand is a good compositional element.  Check Wyeth's portrait of JFK.  I love the eyes.
    Something I have noticed recently is the added dimension a textured surface gives a finished work.  My portraits on smooth surfaces look rather plain, almost dull by comparison.  There is a certain sparkle, or a visual bounce provided by the variegation.  I am actually going back to texture after buying all this smooth canvas.
  • Re: Patience

    ANorris said:
     Doing a terrible painting when you're really trying is worse than doing one because you've been lazy with the technique. 
    I actually think the opposite.  Do a painting.  Learn how to do the painting.  Do another painting, its better.  Do another painting.  The workflow begins to flow.  The color checking gets easier.  Do another painting.  After 10 paintings you will really have something.  When you are lazy you get lazy results and can always expect about the same.

    Here is the secret I want you to internalize about Marks technique.  It is built for speed.  Therefore if you are an impatient person who wants fast results, this is the way for you to do it.  You will learn faster and in the end you will paint much faster.

    When I started it took me 6 weeks to do a decent portrait.  Now I can create a very nice painting in 8 hours.  Its not a masterpiece, for that you must learn patience as well.  

    Here is a tip.  Paint one thing.  just an egg, or an orange.  post it warts and all.  the forum will help.

    Welcome and enjoy the journey.

    @dencal - The brush stroke, the flow of the line and the spectral lustre encloses the minute, the hour and the day.  Right on brother.
  • Re: Near open window - almost finished

    To paint looser you need three things.  The first, give yourself permission.  Two and three come from Sargent, use a bigger brush and stand well away to make decisions about what and where to make the next stroke.  There is plenty more to know but those three things will make you looser.
  • Re: Still Life, ''abstract" realism

    That's great!  My favorite of yours so far.  You have captured the scene beautifully.  I hope you foresake the curse here and call it done.  Re: ellipses, everyone, if Vermeer can paint masterpieces with imperfect ellipses, so can we (see Woman with a Pitcher). Not that we should not try but, just saying.  :)
  • Re: Near open window - almost finished

    I think it's distinctive as well and by that I mean beautiful and personal.  It is all your own and you are fairly consistent.  I might refine it somewhat, as you see fit, but not to the extent of painting like someone else.
    This painting is excellent.  The linear perspective is correct.  The sheer curtain is wonderful and makes me quite jealous.  The figures are very well painted and having made so much of it yourself I must say that I am impressed with the broad range of your talents  :). If there is one change I would have made it would be to have the girl look at us and the dog look away.  As it is, I find myself focusing more on the dog than the girl.