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  • Re: WIP - First Portrait - Mr. Karl

    As had been said, there is no point in being critical until the canvas is covered.  You cannot make good relational judgements until all the parts are there.  When you have covered the canvas get out your calipers and start measuring.  Bump this a milimeter, bump that a milimeter, double check the values, extend a shadow or a highlight and boom, you gotta painting.  The finishing process can take as long as the prep and the initial coat.  You should not even be considering the likeness yet.  All you are concerned with is the two dimensional shapes in front of you, and the values.  This much of that color in that darkness from here to there, across to there and back down.  Just keep going and go sloooow.
  • Re: Glazing and Alla-Prima

    I use dry brush glazes to put a particular color over another so that I can see both.  In this case they are both fairly opaque.  I use very transparent color with plenty of medium to wet glaze areas I have left too bright, accidentally or on purpose.  I never glaze an entire painting with a single color.  I always spot glaze.  I like the effect very much, but not enough to do a whole painting that way with multiple glazes and dead layers etc 
  • Re: 3 parts of being a painter

    Nevertheless, if you visit his site and view his available paintings, you will find large portions of most of them well blended.  Thankfully, there is a lot more to brushwork than the one method he mentions here and a lot more room in the definition of "painter" than he describes.
  • Re: The Space Between - final version

    Martin I hope you post some more things.  We need to see your stuff to stay inspired and motivated.
  • Re: I can't even.....

    Kaustav said:
    Compare today's realism against a similar masterpiece of the past. 

    There are many things that appear in the beginning of the painting like a vision, construction, trying out ideas, building a good foundation for your painting. 
    First point, how many were there really?  Two dozen?  24 really over the top consistently excellent geniuses. Meanwhile we love probably two hundred.  There are at least 5 premier artists working today that I would put next to the two hundred.  I would put Andrew Wyeth in the 24.

    Second point.  This brings us back to drawing doesn't it?  Those masters you speak of spent much time sketching ideas.  Draw mix paint.  Method.  Planning.  Classical design.  Excellent point.