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  • Re: No blending WIP

    Thanks for all your kind words; although I was pleased with exercise, your encouragement makes me doubly so. It was difficult at first, being a dab and blend type of guy, but after I got into it and could see the initial results, I became quite relaxed about not blending...... I'd really recommend that you try it out. Mine was only small at 10x8 on a cheap board, so I had nothing to lose.

    @Grandma The tankard is indeed pewter but was empty :( and, just between you and I, the wine wasn't real, it was Ribena (a brand of blackcurrant cordial here in the UK) :-$
  • Re: Afternoon Pick Me Up...while your at the easel...

    If I hadn't just made a double espresso and warmed a double choc chip muffin, I'd have been onto the pumpkin straightaway...... can you tell when somebody is telling lies? :))
  • Re: Two New Taborets

    Wow, these are awesome.... very handsome pieces.

    Somehow, I don't think I'll be posting pics of my collection of shoe boxes and old bedside cabinet for comparison :)

    ........ and i don't believe my easel (old stepladder with a board g-clamped to it) will stand too much scrutiny :-O
  • Re: Happy New Year everyone!

    Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.....

    ..... and a big thank you to Mark, David and all you guys for the instruction, insight and inspiration during 2012 ... I'm so glad I found you all.
  • Re: Brush Talk - Types, Sizes, Uses, Etc.

    @AZPainter I agree entirely. The finest and most expensive brush in the hands of a novice won't instantly turn him/her into a fine artist, but a broken twig or bent nail in the hands of Rembrandt demonstrates that a fine artist doesn't necessarily need the best brushes.

    However, using the best brushes, and perhaps sticking with a range which one feels comfortable with should, over time, produce the better result. I have yet to find that range but do like the Escoda imitation mongoose and Jackson's own brand black hog.... both of which I think are supplied by or similar to some in the Rosemary catalogue (eclipse and ebony).

    I'm also a keen golfer and when looking for new equipment, in order to justify the purchase, I always try to ask myself the question "will buying this make me a better golfer?" You and I know what the answer is :) .... but I still have several sets of golf clubs and more putters than I care to count.