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  • Re: Geneva Artists' Oil Color is now available!

    There is no better way to learn color than to mix your own from the core primaries. And you get better color
    Agreed. Just to clarify my above post, I was wondering about a canvas stain pre-mix for the sole purpose of staining canvases... not mixed with a slow-dry medium like the main Geneva colours.

    It's no biggie, it's easy to mix up with any third-party paints, though I think it would be a nice addition down the track... then people could buy all their paints through the Geneva store.

  • Re: My website update

    I really like the clean simple layout of your site, along with some great paintings.
  • My first painting

    Here's my first painting following Mark's teachings (and also my first attempt at painting realism).

    I first started this one about 6 or 7 weeks ago, and have worked on it bit by bit mainly just on weekends, so I've had problems with paint drying on my pallets and having to re-mix some colours.

    One thing that's really throwing me off is how the values change on the canvas as the paint dries, especially the blacks. I'm hoping that everything with come back to life when I eventually varnish it.

    I'm not sure if I'm finished with it yet. I think I need to wait until it's evenly dry so I can judge it better.

    I'd really appreciate any feedback. I've found this to be really challenging, but also a great learning experience. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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  • Hello from Australia!

    Hi everyone!

    I purchased the original "Carder Method" and "Painting a Portrait" DVD's years ago before "Draw Mix Paint" existed, and as much as I wanted to paint I kept making excuses and never got around to actually doing anything until a couple of months back.

    I've now set up a spare bedroom as my studio and am enjoying the learning experience as I slowly and steadily work through my first painting following Mark's teachings.

    I've already learnt a great deal from these forums even though I've remained silent, and I'm looking forward to learning even more from all of you now that I'm officially hooked on painting.