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  • Re: My Neighborhood Oil On Board 12x24

    This looks awesome! Very well painted.
    I am not sure about one thing is that you put very dark colors behind every plane. They look like outlines. This is good for ink drawing+watercolor method. But for oil painting the values will be just one step or two steps lower than the lighter area. The trees in the hills will be bluer as they are the fathest thing that we have.

    You made the right side side darker, which is great! It could have been a little more dark to accentuate the highlight area next the dark. The middle yellow area is your CFP, which is very well chosen; great stuff here. Hill shapes are excellent. The sky on the left could have had a little darker blue shade as this is opposite the light section. Atmosphere and temperatures are very good.

    Remember, start always from the farthest areas. I am not sure about the colors of the hills, if they can be more blue. But I guess they are ok. Sometimes nature is stranger than theory.

    Again, amazing painting to look at in the morning.
  • Re: I take back everything I said

    @Julianna I actually don't have idea about exactly what problems you are facing. I can talk about the problems that I am facing. I guess your problem could be with the light that you have. You need to find one bright area where you live, one particular time of the day (usually sunny morning or sunny evening). Take your photo according to Mark's instruction. when you are posting photos try to understand if that is the level of brightness or darkness you want on computer's normal screen set-up.

    Also, buy a tripod for camera. Hands shake a lot.
  • Re: Streetlamp with Moonlight. Oil on board. 8"X9"

    This is very beautiful indeed! I appreciate your approach on this one, "saw the scene the day before and painted it while returning", this is similar method I was taught for plein air, except to go out one day and capture a very good sketch with everything right, similar to what Mark C. teaches in drawing for oil painting. Then on another day go out and paint it, sometimes 2/3 visits if necessary to the same scene with same type weather occurring until complete. Muted palette + cad. yellow works well for this night scene, great demo!
    I saw a video about Jim McVivker. He returns to a scene with an unfinished painting after a year, which provides the same conditions again.
  • Re: Stiff life study. Oil on board. 8"X9"

    @anwesha tomato has a lot more color variation than what it shows in the photo. Colors it has are variations of alizarin crimson, vermilion, cad orange, cad yellow medium and titanium white. 

    Regarding strokes, what I do is I put shadow areas to catch less light which requires strokes to be vertical and the areas that need light I make it sort of horizontal strokes so that they catch more light. This is something I noticed in Mark's videos and then much later it was confirmed in one of Baumann's lectures. 
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