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  • Re: WIP park scene

    @Julianna This is just a study. I made a vow not to start directly onto a canvas without proper knowledge about what I am painting. I have been painting with poster colors since childhood. I always had them with me. I use postercolor instead of gouache because they are dirt cheap.  ;) gouache is a regular training medium for oil painting students. There are several good demos here in this Chinese academy YouTube channel

  • Re: WIP park scene

    @Willis first of all you need  to remember that gouache is not oil paint. Oil paint do not dry and retain the same color even when they are dry. So color checking works well with it. 
    Gouache and any other watermedia will dry matte and the color looks very different. So color checking doesn't work.

    Therefore, to answer your first question, it is totally spontaneous for me. 
    For the second situation, you can't do DMP color checking here but you can sort of guess the color through those six questions: does it need more red, yellow, blue etc. For checking value you can put a color patch beside the previous value and check is it creating roundness or not. If an area is coming out of the surface then it is too bright and if it goes inward suddenly then it is too dark. This a comparison mechanism.
  • Re: WIP park scene

    Canvas covered. Now only modelling and detail parts are to be done. I am using a 20 year old canvas of mine. I did not like the old painting so I brought it from home this time. Now 20 year old old paint layer will act as oil primer!  =)
  • Re: Let me draw your portrait

    It seems that I need to start this again. Painting once or twice a week is not enough. Get up early, pick up newspaper and start drawing on large newsprint sheets. This is more or less how I draw, with a single charcoal stick, conte or a crayon pencil. These people are from newspapers - convicts, faces from obituary, ads etc. These are not known people, so I don't have an extra pressure of likeness.

  • Re: Anders Zorn''s remarkable palette

    Below are some of my paintings with Zorn palette. It is not just for portraits. It is a very versatile palette. Subtractive color mixing theory works well with this palette too.

    No automatic alt text availableImage may contain sky cloud and outdoor
    Image may contain sky tree cloud plant outdoor and natureImage may contain 1 person close-up
    Image may contain cloud sky tree plant grass outdoor and nature