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  • Re: A funny thing happened on the way to the museum

    Aww thank you @PaulB @BOB73 @Richard_P @tassieguy @michalis      Of course I can show it, it is my painting and I didn't read any restrictions regarding disclosure.  Y'all may be like my husband in that he hates it (in the most loving way possible).  I submitted the painting in November and was just notified last week - the exhibit starts on Jan 8.  @Richard_P ; I was away for the holidays and didn't get as much flower practice in as I had hoped - I am home now and will try the beautiful value flower painting you helped me with.  @BOB73 I'll probably be dressed in a floral dress that has "imposter" hidden in the design.

    I am not sure if I can attach a tif here - let me see if it works.
  • Re: Sometimes....

    @Kingston   that was a very interesting book.  gosh, the math!  I did learn a lot - thank you!
    @jswartzart that's funny - at least your mother doesn't give your paintings away.  I have a ton of relatives (my mother is the youngest of nine children so you can imagine the cousins etc...) - if my mother hears any relative say they liked something I posted, she'll usually say something like "i'm sure she'll do one for you" and then she'll gently tell me "Jamie REALLY LOOOVVVEEESSS your cherries and I told her I bet you'd paint her one" or just yesterday: "Elaine was commenting about your flowers and said she'd give anything to have one in her house and I told her you'd probably love to paint her some know, she just adores irises ..........that would be so nice......she'll be so happy"  and before I know it, I'm commissioned to crank out some paintings as gifts - I guess on some planet canvas is free, paint is free and shipping is free........  When I tell her I am studying and taking classes and trying to get assignments done she'll say "ohhh, just when you get around to it........that'll be fine".  She has a large wall in her house that is full with my paintings - from my first in the 3rd grade to my most recent.  She has always been supportive so that is sweet.  Bless her heart.
    jswartzartalsart[Deleted User]
  • Re: Let me draw your portrait

    oh my goodness gracious @Kaustav !  How do you get anything done with something that precious around!  What an awesome photograph!
    @MikeDerby ; I love your sketch of Forgiveness!  I think it is fabulous and captures such a spirit - of both of you!

  • Re: First painting

    @BOB73   what does that mean "what a CROCK"?  

    ohhh..... I get it now!  a crock as in his bowl    
  • Re: Finished - Tar Spot - 30cm x 42cm on aluminum

    well, that beautiful leaf would bother me tremendously if it was ruined by some stupid toothbrush!