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  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    @edavison ; - I would definitely recommend the challenge, now, the palette mixing is not included in that time so just work your steps as much as you like but once you start painting on the support, knowing that you have 20 minutes helps with seeing the big shapes and values.  There is no way anyone would want to keep a 20 minute painting but it is valuable in getting the juices flowing.  

    I have a beautiful silver spoon that I am going to try tomorrow -  less is more with these quick studies.

    Mark recommends Centurion oil primed linen and jerrys has pads that they now sell that I am hearing great things about so you may want to check that out.  It's like a sketch pad of linen sheets - beautiful!  You can cut a sheet down to smaller sizes if you wish.

    I got an amazing deal (steal) on jerry's website one day for a very large roll of oil primed linen  - it even included free shipping and with the weight and size, that was a miracle.  - it will last me a long time.    I cut sizes that suit me, I even purchased stretcher bars and feel like a handywoman when I am stretching my own canvas but for the most part - it is just so easy.  If I want to allow for stretching on stretcher bars, I add  3 inches extra on all sides - I tape off what will be wrapped on the stretcher bars.  If I am doing studies or may want to glue to a support, I just cut the size and use scotch tape rolled under the corners and attach it to board.  I mainly use foam core board from the dollar store (I also use that for my cheap still life set up - you can see it in the photos of the lemon still life set up). An eraser board from Target also  works great for taping the linen.  In the long run, I will have saved thousands of dollars on store bought canvases and it is so freeing to know I can just cut whatever size I wish at any given time and paint and try and throw it away if I absolutely hate a piece.  And the texture and feel is unsurpassed.  Now, I must warn you, the first time using oil primed linen can be a slippery slope (as in, the paint seems to slide around or be very slick and transparent) - I did not like it all at first and several people on this forum helped me figure out what was happening,  now, I am used to it and really love it.

    Sorry for being so verbose, I just hope you keep painting!!!  Thank you for your support.

  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    You're going to Austin!!!!   OMG   I do hope you are as fastidious with posting while you are there.  He is so amazing.  I'm watching all of his videos for a second time and have an even greater appreciation for his generosity and talent.  I feel I have a kindred spirit in you as I also love to have many paintings going on at a time.  It is lively and vivacious and brings me much joy.  I hope it also gives you joy and thank you for always keeping us updated with your progress - and you moved the date up!!!!!  YAY!!!!
  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    This exercise certainly has me painting again!  I am watching DMP videos again on our tv and last night was so surprised to see at around the 11:45 minute spot - Mark mentions about coming up with exercises to help students speed paint.  WHAT!!!  Speed paint exercises with DMP?  I missed that with the first viewing.  

    I do find the first 20 minutes of these exercises takes some deep breaths, set the timer and concentrate like crazy - I want the canvas covered in 20 minutes.  I find another 20 minutes helps with quick corrections so I think 40 minutes would be ideal for quick studies (susan lyon paints beautiful porcelain dolls 40 minute studies and they are just lovely).  I would love for a suggestion from Mark what he thinks would be a good exercise time.  I have 2 more days left - today is a silver dish - tomorrow something blue/purple.  Thankfully, I have a lot of dirty greys from the previous days palette so no paint is wasted.  I won't bore with the quick study step posts but it is great fun so would recommend it to anyone so inclined.  Thank you for your encouragement!
  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    I love that you are painting from life!!!  Isn't it nice not to worry about exposure!  Ok, I collect cups and saucers and china and silver pieces etc... so I am biased to beautiful dishware etc...    That jam pot is distracting and needs it's own painting  I am trying to edit myself lately so I would even think of taking out the far left jar also - you'll have 3 beautiful and interesting items and no competition.  It is just my instinct though and my opinion - perhaps others can chime in but for me, I think you're done - paint out the left jam jar and the white...........   :) .      

  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    oops I think we were typing at the same time - I missed your latest post.  You may be interested in this artist - she has beautiful bowls, vases etc... and I think she renders them beautifully.  It is interesting how sometimes, she takes the pattern out for simplicity - the sound is HORRIBLE so you may need to crank the volume way up but I love to watch her process