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  • Re: Trolley to El Cajon

    @karynr not at all - especially with these colors, less is more - simple, simple, simple.  I keep thinking of some of David Hockney's work when I see your paintings - editing is important.  Even in your hotel, the trees not being there would be just as interesting - the colors are powerful in your paintings.  I'm just telling you my instincts, I am hardly one in academia - my gut tells me edit, edit edit with your kind of work, which I LOVE.   It could even be cool with her being the ONLY human in the painting in the position of where that other figure was.    

    If she is on the train by herself, I would be more intrigued emotionally - what time is it?  what is her story?  why is she alone?  she looks lonely?  I would be drawn to her in an emotional way.
  • Re: Trolley to El Cajon

    @karynr   have you thought of putting the woman on her cell phone where the inserted man is that you don't like?  Her head pointing that way just takes my eye right out of the painting - Compositionally, if you want the viewer to stay in the painting, if she is on the right - it makes a lovely spiral.    I love, Love, LOVE the red and black!!!   this is going to be awesome!
  • Re: Want Your Input on my New Palette

    Hey @edavison , I understand your question but just wanted to throw this out there for future consideration - Geneva tubes are very large - the paints last a long time.  They stay workable longer than other oils I have ever used so you don't have the waste at the end of the day or two.  Some people on this forum are able to get their palette colors to last a month or longer by refrigeration etc...  I find for the cost per ounce, Geneva is an excellent deal.  

    I'm not sure if you have access to a Michael's store but if you still are looking for nice oils, they often have 40% or 50% and sometimes even more off coupons - They have lovely Winsor and Newton oils locked up.  You can only buy one item with the huge discount but you could go back different days.  You can get the coupons on their website or search online.
  • Re: Want Your Input on my New Palette

    @edavison ; I just noticed you are thinking of nixing the UB for cobalt - I hate for you to give up the UB.  Cobalt is much cooler and UB has fantastic transparent qualities for mixing black and for shadows and for those rich, dark tones needed.  Perhaps others who know more can weigh in but I just can't imagine having cobalt only with no UB or black.  
  • Re: Cauliflower. Oil study on board. 8X10

    @Kaustav   I really like this one.  The energy in your brushwork is superb and the soft edges of the cauliflower make it almost romantic.  

    I've been thinking of you several times the past few days because I opened up my gouauche and gave it a go - I'm learning a ton about that medium.  I am going to attempt another painting today with it.  I am copying some of Watts gouauche study examples from youtube to get a proper feel of the paints and technique.  It is lovely when traveling!  I hope to get more comfortable with it.

    I have some small tubes of some oil paint with me and have been grabbing a flower a day or leaf or something and doing small studies on linen strips.  I have no solvents or mediums with me and only 2 brushes for oils so I'm using my fingers a lot and the back of the brush for scratching.  I am finding that the days I don't paint, I really miss it.  I'm not getting up at the crack of dawn to do it like you (I am like Richard in not being a morning person).