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  • DMP Silver 7x11 - back to basics - Done?

    I am hoping for feedback before I take my still life down- I had to angle this to reduce glare so excuse that but if there is anything that sticks out that needs fixing, I would love input.  Re-visiting Mark's videos are inspiring me.  I have someone trying to fix my fancy camera so in the meantime, I am using my cheap cell phone.  This is pretty true to the values and colors.  

  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    This exercise certainly has me painting again!  I am watching DMP videos again on our tv and last night was so surprised to see at around the 11:45 minute spot - Mark mentions about coming up with exercises to help students speed paint.  WHAT!!!  Speed paint exercises with DMP?  I missed that with the first viewing.  

    I do find the first 20 minutes of these exercises takes some deep breaths, set the timer and concentrate like crazy - I want the canvas covered in 20 minutes.  I find another 20 minutes helps with quick corrections so I think 40 minutes would be ideal for quick studies (susan lyon paints beautiful porcelain dolls 40 minute studies and they are just lovely).  I would love for a suggestion from Mark what he thinks would be a good exercise time.  I have 2 more days left - today is a silver dish - tomorrow something blue/purple.  Thankfully, I have a lot of dirty greys from the previous days palette so no paint is wasted.  I won't bore with the quick study step posts but it is great fun so would recommend it to anyone so inclined.  Thank you for your encouragement!
  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    OK.  So the experiment today with the meyer lemon from my yard did not go well.  I picked stems and leaves and thought I was clever.  I spent about 3 hours after the timer trying to work matters - I am stepping back a lot and trying to just look at value and shapes - I forgot how much Mark mentioned this in his videos (I have been watching his videos again on my tv) - so, I don't know that I'll bore y'all with the next 3 days.  I may do a silver spoon tomorrow and I have a silver dish for another day and then something blue for the final day.  I found that the leaves and stems added nothing to the painting and distractedSo, I did a lot of scraping and this is the final study

    Sorry for the bad quality, this is my cheap cell phone - my fancy camera is dead.  So, this has been fun, I'm learning a ton and the best is I am painting again.

    Thank you for any suggestions and input.  The composition is horrible with the 7x11 so if I choose to save this, I will be cutting the linen to a more pleasing dimension.   I absolutely love painting on linen - I can't believe the years I painted on store bought canvases with sizes that could not be adjusted.

  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    Thank you @Hilary @Roxy @BOB73   -  y'all are encouraging me to keep it up.  I did have to tweak some things because the background was WAY too black - it looked horrible so I scraped some before I went to bed last night.  So, NOW it is done - I have to move on to the next one today.  @BOB73   yes, it is encouraged to use the same colors for this 5 day challenge so the palette  stays the same.  today, I picked a lemon from my tree with some leaves and stem - I am working on my steps and then will set the timer for 20 minutes.  If it isn't too much of a bore, I will post today the timed steps - 20 minutes... 20 minutes longer and then how I manage to ruin it for hours after :).  Thank you again.  This is a great exercise to get to painting!   So, here is yesterday's done 
  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    I have been watching DMP videos and keep trying to get subtle knocked into my head.  We have a new tv that has true black so it has been wonderful to see Mark paint his cup and pears etc... on the big screen with no backlight coming through.  I am working really hard on the values.  Gosh, do I love Geneva yellow.  Ok, so here I am at about another half hour....   thinking value and subtle.