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  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    You're going to Austin!!!!   OMG   I do hope you are as fastidious with posting while you are there.  He is so amazing.  I'm watching all of his videos for a second time and have an even greater appreciation for his generosity and talent.  I feel I have a kindred spirit in you as I also love to have many paintings going on at a time.  It is lively and vivacious and brings me much joy.  I hope it also gives you joy and thank you for always keeping us updated with your progress - and you moved the date up!!!!!  YAY!!!!
  • Re: Finishing up a painting that has dried.

    Hey @rudayo   Welcome to the forum.  You will get so much helpful information here - I agree with @Summer and @broker12 .  I have a lot of experience with trying to finish dry paintings (I have what could be considered a problem in that I start and don't finish immediately a lot of paintings) - I'm not sure the size you are dealing with but a lot of people just use a spray re-touch varnish - spritz and carry on - I can't remember the brand as the thread it was mentioned on is now gone.  I usually use liquin with a quick rub as I have a ton of liquin - linseed oil is beautiful but I have to always be careful not to add too much - I have to kind of scrub that in - I'm sure there are many more ways to skin a cat.  

  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    @Forgivenes exactly!  I think the stepping off frequently is very important.  Isn't painting fun though!  I can't wait to see your flower completed.  Thank you for your input!

  • Re: Not always seeing new replies to threads..

    and I was missing a ton because I never knew the magic of "recent discussions" button - I kept going to the post your paintings to see what people posted - very rarely did I look anywhere else.  I have to say, I think it is amazing that Mark Carder provides us such a wonderful venue for sharing and learning - it is incredibly generous of him.  And to @Flatty for keeping it civilized.  This website is much more sophisticated than most and allows for so many beautiful images.  I was away for a few weeks so missed so very much.  I look forward to catching up and getting in the groove of painting again.
  • Re: Ultramarine, warm or cool.....

    I have always thought of UB as the warm blue.  When I need a more warm blue, I will always go to the UB.  It is tending more towards red and the others more towards green on the color wheel - I was taught that blues tending to the red side are warmer than the ones tending to more green side.  I think that warm and cool relationships are extremely important and helpful.