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Forgiveness -


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  • Re: Forgiveness - Portrait Challenge Blog - 3rd Painting Completed!

    I begin by establishing the darkest darks. Both of these color black are not real black and 2 different colors. The black on the head area is warm dominated with Burnt Umber, the other cool, dominated by French Ultramarine Blue. From the beginning, I am not painting me, rather I am painting shapes, and doing my best to not see me, it is an image, at this time this is going well. For today, when I get the colors mixed (this coming quicker to me now), I will fill in the background this will help me better determine what is next to cover. I'm enjoying the painting process in a trying environment, doing my best and enjoying more and more. It has been convenient to use snap caps for left overs at end of sessions, and have method to seal the paint palette, no refrigeration required. Experiencing perfect Summer weather at this moment only for a few days at most, then change again. I hope to post more progress later today, Thank you again!

  • Re: Outdoor Oil Sketches (Kaustav's Plein Air Blog)

    I hope this helps, artists dedicated, devoted, enjoying en plein air painting.