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  • Re: Shadow box wip

    @summer, no I painted over the canvas and it is close to the stain color. Used a detail brush on the lettering and a #2 filbert to paint around them:-)
  • Critiquing Paintings. Please read

    Artists gain a lot of benefit from both critiquing the work of others and having their work critiqued.
    If you would like your painting critiqued please include:
    size, medium, support, and any additional information you think would assist forum members in critiquing your work for example - just beginning and would like some comments about how the values in the painting have been executed or; my intent was to create a feeling of calm.

    Whether you are new here or an old hand your input into the work of others is of value.
     Respectful and honest critiques can be of great benefit and help us all improve our work.

    If you wish to share your work without critique's then let members know that this is a share only post and your approach will be respected. All posts are welcomed!! It's great to see new artists post their first DMP. Seeing them grow and the work improving. It is equally wonderful to see work that our seasoned forum members create. 

    Happy Painting!!


  • Re: Titanium White - W&N

    I use Michael Harding. Nice and creamy
  • Re: Mediums

    1) safflower oil "artist grade" going on my second year without cleaning my brushes. Re-soak weekly 
    2)marks recipe
    3) can't say as I'm all for the slower dry the better:-)
    4) rubbing alcohol works well for me
  • Re: Still Life Problem

    In my first attempt at real life from my shadowbox I experienced the same issue. It fit within the strings in my shadowbox but was off on my canvas. I realized I wasn't consistent with my distance from my divider when reaching out to to measure the objects . I was leaning in on one object and perhaps out on the next. I hung a string of to the side that met the divider with my arm extended . I would then swing over to my next object. That consistency made all the difference. If it fits in the box then it should fit on your canvas.