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  • Re: Why is modern art so bad?

    Kingston said:
    Because it's harder to do well than realism. Realism is easy. Anyone can do it. 

    is harder than this

  • Re: How boring is this?

    Unfortunately, the advent of photography has forever changed the way we perceive and produce paintings.

    I agree with what you said, I'll add that is't quite common to see famous painters of today produce works that are more keen to photography, in every single sense, than they are to painting.

    I personally prefer the realism of Richard Schmid, David A. Leffel or Quang Ho to that of Gottfried Helnwein, Roberto Bernardi or Tjjalf Sparnaay.

    But I will make a few considerations regarding photography-looking paintings: most famous artists that work exclusively from photograph are not only painters, but photographers in the sense that they plan the picture in every aspect: composition, lighting, colour scheme, temperature, and then they proceed to paint it. It is different than taking a photo off the internet and copying, so there is craftsmanship involved. Would I ever buy a painting from those contemporary hyper-realists? No, because I see it as more of  way of showing how close you can get to reality than actually conveying an idea, an emotion or a thought, but there is space for them. 

    A quick final word would be something obvious: art is subjetive, therefore if you like to express your ideas on unconventional ways and it makes you happy and satisfied, go for it. Not everyone has to paint photography-looking painting, and not everyone likes them either. So, if you like to paint and feel insecure because your own abilities wouldn't get you a perfect rendered form, don't worry about this. Artists are supposed to go against the norm. Now, if you don't like to paint, that's a different story.

    I feel like I've been rather incoherent/incomprehensible, but I haven't slept in two days so my brain is operating on 25% energy at the moment  :p
    [Deleted User]Martin_J_Crane
  • Re: Why Is This Painting Valued at $20 Million?

    Kingston said:
    Again this why is the none realist worth x amount boy it doesn't do it for me. 
     It wasn't  crafted by a realist fabricator. Because it dares to experiment with color rather than represent like a piece of photo film. Maybe it's because this was a period that challenged the authorities again. Art isn't simply the ability to render. That is easy. Anyone can do it. 
    Art is expression of feeling, knowledge, the beauty of man , nature and the unknown. It is expermenting with reaction to expression be it silly still lifes or melting watches. It even expressing ideas that might make you uncomfortable. 
    If you can't understand why this work is value highly, 20 million seems a lot, as presented by this snarky Bloomberg online fellow. Read some art history.  Read history of the times of this art. How the western world was changing and ideas other than colonial empire were resonating among the thinking people of the old world. Why this art was scorned by the fascists.  It represented and still represents challenge to authority. The desire to not act as sheep being herded by narrow minded dogs

  • Re: Why is modern art so bad?

    Kingston said:
    And now Hitler art is something the beginners and journeymen of our forum are supposed to see as a goal on the path to the 'purity of realism'.
    That's your assertion, sir.

    Kingston said:
    The despots and tyrants were the people who set the standards for what art was to be acceptable before the modern revolution in the mid 1800.
    So the Renaissance never happened, then? Or was it also standardised by despots and tyrants like... Lorenzo de Medici?

    Kingston said:
    Modernity means that we do not have to work based on absurd standards and protocols of idiots and fools.
    The thing is, everyone lives during modernity. To the cavemen who were drawing stick figures on stone walls, that time was their modernity, so this statement is rather short-sighted. 

    But sure, modern art, as is perceived by today's standards, means there are no standards, which foster phenomenons like Pierre Brassau, a chimp hoax artist created by a journalist to show how nonsensical are the people involved in this racket of modern art. 

    Before knowing that Pierre was actually a chimp. Here's how the art world reviewed his work: 

    "Brassau paints with powerful strokes, but also with clear determination. His brush strokes twist with furious fastidiousness. Pierre is an artist who performs with the delicacy of a ballet dancer."

  • Re: Why is modern art so bad?

    Ezra said:
    There has been music and to a lesser extent art, which at first I could not see anything of value in but with understanding i grew to appreciate it immensely. Open mindedness is important

    What is the value of this and every other Rothko copy-cats? 

    What is the value of this $10m rock?

    I feel like when people say "I grew to understand", they're saying "I got use to it being bad and I don't want to appear uncouth, so I'll just say I like this couple of stripes on a canvas, as if it means anything other than lazy self-indulgence"