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  • Re: Why Is This Painting Valued at $20 Million?

    To answer the question, there are several things that could make a painting commercially valuable: fame of the artist, historic importance, significance within art history, scarcity of works by the artist, etc.

    In the case of "Red Sails", it's a significant painting for the Fauve movement. 
  • Re: Bob Ross

    What I find fascinating about Bob Ross is his ability to paint a picture in blocks, so to speak. He starts with the sky and then comes down, which is a rather odd way of painting, at least I find, probably because I've been taught to keep many parts of the painting going at the same time. Of course he had a completed reference when he taped the show, but it is still interesting, because it was probably how he painted off-camera as well.

    I think his greatest achievement was to get millions of people, to this day, interesting in painting, his honesty about his method (he said his paintings were never going to be in a museum) and his attitude. A clearly special man, whom I sometimes will watch when I'm stressed out.

    About your question, Milo, I've heard of a few Bob's pupils who have gone to do traditional art, so don't think that because you paint in his style, traditional art is off limits for you, it's just that the majority of people who paint like him are doing it as a hobby.

    In this forum you will find incredibly friendly people always willing to help out with any problems or doubts. Wellcome!
  • Re: Day 1, man was I ready to Paaaaiiiinnnnnttttt!

    George said: 
    I have the wrong brushes. I bought a whole pack of them suckers from Michael's art supply for $8.00! Wow! 8 bucks and I have this whole variety of 20 some odd brushes, cool! Nope....these were very stiff hairs, probably hog's hair stiff, they were the wrong shape and difficult to get the paint to work right.
    Highly dubious. You can't buy 20 genuine hog hair brushes for $8. Most likely nylon brushes.
  • Re: Dark Studios, Using Projectors & more — Oil Painting Q&A Episode 17

    Great video, Mark. I always learn something from your videos.

    Speaking of artificial devices, people still believe Vermeer used the Camera Obscura in his paintings, even though when he died, nothing out of the ordinary was listed in his state. Personally, I don't believe in he used anything like that, but there are many books about it, and even a documentary called "Tim's Vermeer", which is pretty interesting, but didn't convince me.
  • Re: Help! How can I improve for my next painting?

    Regarding the flower photo that I'm planning on painting, should I treat it like a pink colour group (petals), a yellow colour group (centre), and an orangey/yellow colour group (between the petals and the centre)?