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  • Re: Mike Derby Portrait Blog

    Thank you very much for ur detailed answers @MikeDerby it really helps. I'm using both way of working now, alla prima and glazing and I Found both methods can be used together in a nice way. Of course I'm still struggling with transparent Vs opaque colour..there are so much things to know.. I had a look at your previous works and u are a very good painter, thanks again for sharing :)
  • Re: Orange Sunset

    Yes, it's very fascinating how changing a small amount of a painting can change the whole brightness or colours perception. Our brain is an interesting machine and white balance is an incredible complicated thing..for example walls which are in the shadow side of a room even if are physically perceived by the retina as grey are still "seen" by the visual cortex as white cause we know "a priori" the colour of the room. Said that is not strange that even if your colour checking is accurate adding white is very difficult and everything needs to be recalibrated to recreate the illusion you are searching for, cause our brain is not easy to trick and know the difference from an image and reality, and u have to trick "him" again. Said this scientific consideration, your painting is coming out really beautiful!! 
  • Re: Chalk and black paper

    Thank you @Forgiveness. Today was a big day for me, i will have more time for myself in the next days so I hope to paint a little bit more!
  • Re: Study of my dog Emma Jean

    Beautiful! I like the loose style and the dog, photos are a little bit dark (?) compared to the one u took to show details so I guess it's even more beautiful in reality. I love the fact u posted all the WIP :) well done and thanks for sharing!
  • Chalk and black paper

    A portrait of an old Turkish woman I made some time ago.
    I'm planning as suggested here on the forum to do a painting starting from a sketch like this, and trying to implement photos and life sketch into one, following the DMP flow. 
    For now thanks to everyone here who share and helps others.