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  • Re: WIP - Cinque Terre

    @Richard__P ; I used that one up with the "Rigger with vigor away but watch the spaces between the tricky brickies for rigor mortars" in response to Paul's earlier (rigger w/vigor and brick trick) remark. But thanks for being my "wingman" Richard. A person in Phoenix never gets as metabolically hot as a person in 108-110 in Austin because of the higher humidity from the gulf. Heat indexes over 160 are not uncommon and can be leathal in a relatively short time. If you can't find shelter or shade at  least, you have to eat your weight in jalapenos and chili peppers to survive.
  • Re: Banner gallery

    My wife used to beat me up too. with Scrabble.
  • Re: 20 minute Lemon - 7x11

    I find it so difficult to get values right when I'm NOT concerned with time. So I have to say you're learning a great deal with these exercises  because your values are pretty darn good. as for Jerry's Artarama I have to agree. They have everything (almost) and always (almost) at the best prices. 10'X32' feet of linen would last me my whole life if I'd purchased it with my Christening money.
  • Re: Renoir's Blog

    Patterns? We don't need no stinking patterns. We got shapes! We got colors! We got light and we got shadows. We don't need no stinking patterns!  no rules, you don't have to paint the patterns just watch out for the reflections in other objects those unseen patterns make, @Renoir ;
  • Re: Mystery tool is useful

    I bought a set for scraping away small errors. They seem to work well for that purpose and I would use them more if I made small errors. Unfortunately I make big errors that require a spatula and mortar trowel.