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  • Re: DMP Silver 7x11 - back to basics - Done?

    this is really good. the brightest highlights could be reduced a shade except for a speckle here and there. Colors are terrific and perfect for a sigle object composition. I know you've been going back to Mark's videos. I just reviewed the one about how not to use white. It's Q&A#20 or the top of the QA list. Anyway that's how I noticed the highlights.

  • Re: Fifteenth painting work in progress. 22x32 inch OOC

    Gotcha. Thanks for 'splainin' me to that. Also, looking at the painting, I wondered if you used a minute amount of red or yellow but the palette doesn't have any.
  • Re: Banner gallery

    @Julianna, I'm having issues controlling the brush. Slapping the brush on a canvas and cursing doesn't seem to be an effective methodology for rendering objects. I painted and did craftsy stuff decades ago but none recently to speak of except for some scenery and back drops for my daughter's middle school drama production of a Dickens play on 4x8 sheets of plywood (no gesso no painting ground for those). Both daughters are grown now and still live with me. She asked me for an oil painting almost two years ago. it was a disaster. I put it away till I figure things out (painting in dining room). I had never painted in oils on canvas just acrylics and water colors on paper. Oil based painted from cans with no additional mediums on other platforms but not the same as oil painting. I learned a lot of the things I share from my mother (she would be 102 yrs old now) and my aunts. I learned too in industrial situations. I bought books on oil painting and found Mark Carder. Then I found the forum  and people were doing better than I with their paintings but still worried and plagued with lack of confidence and other issues. things happened where I lost my supplies and a reasonable space to paint in but I was getting all this enthusiasm from Mark I felt like I needed to offer some encouragement to the forum members having difficulties. So until I have something decent to contribute I'll just be an armchair quarterback and a cheerleader.
  • Re: New painting challenge?

  • Re: New painting challenge?

    Google John Singer Sargent images or